Six foot duplex coder using method

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Encoder is often used in the circuit, often have single encoder, duplex coder and single encoder is refers to the mono, only a resistor, an encoder, which are frequently used its axis control only a set of encoder. And double encoder is refers to the double track, the two encoders with mounted on a shaft, when adjusting shaft, two contact encoder rotate at the same time. Single encoder usually only three pins, with double encoder to general pin has 6 feet, eight feet or more. Today to tell you about six foot duplex encoder wiring method, double encoder repair poor contact failure methods, six foot duplex coder using matters needing attention. Six foot duplex encoder wiring method is currently single league encoder for 3 feet is commonly used as a single channel to adjust the volume, the grounding wire is usually 1 foot, then 2 feet ( That is in the middle of the pin) Connect output terminal, 3 feet by output. So for 6 foot duplex coder is usually used as a dual channel volume use. Connection on the overall and 3 feet it actually wiring principle is the same as the encoder, the first six foot duplex coder 1 foot, and four feet are welding some ground at the same time, for the 2 feet is left sound channel output, 3 feet is feet left sound channel input, 5 feet right sound channel output, 6 feet right sound channel input can meet, so everyone for the single and double encoder wiring method to distinguish. Duplex coder repair poor contact failure methods in for duplex coder using time is long, will often appear some phenomena, such as poor contact. For example in the encoder to adjust the rotation will produce some of the rotating noise, such as fault, for this kind of fault handling methods, first of all, can be in in the encoder shaft to join some appropriate lubricating oil, for more than a few times, then rotate the noise can be removed. And inside the encoder to use for a long time, will accumulate some dust is also will adjust to the encoder rotation produce the fault, such as rotating noise on the ways to deal with the fault, the first thing to be careful open the duplex coder, can be used after some small hair brush to clean up the dust, lead JiaoPian bottom allied encoder, after cleaning in the encoder can install back again, for the rotation of the encoder after the repair also will also eliminate the noise. Six foot duplex coder using note 1. In six feet of double encoder wiring, connection between the pins don't wrong, otherwise result in using encoder and may cause some phenomenon such as failures, and also could be easy to make the encoder is damaged. Especially pay attention to when operating the encoder wiring so to make sure that the connection again. 2. For rotational adjustment in duplex coder, don't too hard to turn the operating strength, whether the person on the inside of the encoder shaft will be easy to become loose, resulting in the encoder adjustment will cause either at a draught adjustment is small, or adjust a lot, and so on and so forth. 3. On the installation of double encoder, for the connection of each pin, do not pull too much, or easy to pin from off the insulation of the encoder panel. So for the installation of encoder is to pay more attention to all aspects. 4. About double encoder can replace single use of encoder, can in principle, but for at the time of replacement, to invite relevant technical personnel to install, so as to avoid their possible when wiring wrong line, the cause was going to be easy to damage of encoder. Shanghai electronic products is 27 years old, encoder manufacturers, specializing in the production of a variety of encoder: single encoder, double encoder and rotary encoder, straight and smooth encoder, switch, encoders, take the motor encoder. After many years of accumulated experience, the encoder has been well received by customers and the industry, the company most complete encoder model in the domestic market, to perfect replacement brand encoder, both at home and abroad to find find electronic encoder manufacturers.
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