Single test method of the encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
What are the test method of single league encoder? Checklists and encoder, the first to turn the handle, see if turning the handle rotation smooth, switch is flexible, switch on and off when the 'click' sound is ringing, and listen to a single union internal resistance and contact point to the encoder, such as a 'rustling sound, explain quality is bad. When using a multimeter to test, according to the size of the resistance measured single league encoder first, choose good multimeters resistance tests are appropriate, then according to the following method for testing. 1. Detection of single league encoder activity arm contact with the resistors are in good condition. The multimeter ohm file '1', '2', Or '2', '3') At both ends, the single encoder spin counterclockwise direction of rotation to close to 'closed' position, then resistance as small as possible. Clockwise rotation handle slowly again, resistance value should be increased gradually, the header pointer should move smoothly. When the shaft screw to extreme position '3', resistance should be close to the nominal value of the single league encoder. Such as multimeter pointer in single al encoder shaft rotation have beat phenomenon in the process, activities contacts have poor contact failure. 2. Measurement with multimeter of ohm '1', '2' at both ends, the readings shall be the nominal value of the single league encoder, such as multimeter pointer fixed or resistance differs a lot, suggests that the single league encoder has been damaged. It USES mostly encoder skills in resistance of carbonate type of synthetic resin, should avoid to contact with the following items: ammonia, other amine, alkaline solution, aromatic hydrocarbon, ketone, lipid hydrocarbon, strong chemicals ( High ph) And so on, otherwise it will affect their performance. 3. If a single terminal during welding of al encoder welding temperature too high or too long can lead to damages of single league encoder skills. Pin type terminal welding should be at 235 ℃ & plusmn; 5 ℃, 3 seconds to complete, the welding should be from a single 1 encoder ontology. More than 5 mm, skills do not use when welding solder flow in circuit board; Welding line terminal welding should be at 350 ℃ & plusmn; 10 ℃, 3 seconds to complete. Weight should be avoided and terminal, otherwise easy to cause poor contact. 4. When welding, rosin ( Flux) Entering the height adjustment of the press plate properly, should avoid flux into single internal encoder, otherwise will cause brush with poor contact resistance body, produce INT, noise is undesirable. 5. Single encoder is best applied to voltage adjusting structure, and the connection mode should choose '1' feet ground; Should avoid to use current test adjustment type structure, because the contact resistance between the resistance and the contact piece against high current pass. 6. Single union encoder skills surface should avoid condensation water droplets or exist, avoid in damp places, in order to prevent the insulation deterioration or cause a short-circuit. 7. Install 'rotary type single encoder in fixed nut, strength shoulds not be too tight, in order to avoid damage the teeth or turn bad, etc. ; Install 'iron shell straight slide type single league encoder, avoid to use long screw, otherwise may impede the movement of the sliding handle, even direct damage to the encoder itself. 8. In single encoder knob on the set of process, the test force too much, No more than 'specification' axis of the parameters of the push pull) , otherwise will may cause damage to single league encoder. Powerful head rotary switch is the structure of the driven shaft insulation CAM, CAM make head device high skills, thus make switches from a break. Spring is the structure of the rotary switch shaft rotation driven pendulum piece, one end of the spring pendulum block, the other end of the test, the linkage contact pieces due to the motion of the pendulum block, forced spring, so as to promote the dynamic contact with fixed contact on or off quickly. The two switch by current is small, material can choose white copper, phosphor bronze, copper chromium alloy, etc. Every switch must be the single rotation encoder to zero, thus reducing the actual service life of single league encoder. With the two switches is encoder, single-pole single-throw, is often used to apply to low current, low voltage electronic instrument, the such as general transistor radio. Push-pull type switch is the structure of the shaft for axial pull or push movement, with the aid of the role of the spring to make the slider down or reset, make contact lever and two contacts on or off quickly. The switch contact with good reliability. Using silver brocade or tungsten alloy, the test can arc resistance, switch to allow through the larger current. Single union encoder in any position to adjust good through axial push pull can open/close switch, so repeated use, do not need to adjust the single encoder. Shanghai electronics specializing in the production of various kinds of single encoder, with complete encoder multiple-choice, producing all kinds of rotary encoder, straight and smooth encoder, rocker encoder, switch, encoders, one or both al encoder to customize according to customer demand, to find find electronic encoder manufacturers.
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