Single encoder correct testing method

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Single union encoder is a kind of electronic components, adjustable encoder can be used as a divider, used as a rheostat, used as a current controller, so, how to test it encoder? Electronic illustrations of give you down! Today, with conventional single test 100 k encoder, as follows: 1. Encoder two fixed end for a, b, intermediate sliding contact to c. 2, measuring point a - in the first place Between points b, at some point - a C and b - Between c resistance, the resistance between the two and should be 100 k. 3, then turn adjusting process at any position, but to satisfy the above two conditions. 4, then the knob counterclockwise to 0, the point b - C point between resistance to 0, then the resistance between point a and c points is 100 k. 5, after waiting for measurement point fixed switching point b, c, knob gradually from zero to maximum, then the point b - C point between the resistance changes with knob position in exact proportion relationship. 6, finally the above three points, point b should circuit signal of zero potential, then a point corresponding to the maximum signal input, c point to regulate output signals. A and b can switch, but adjust habits instead. Shanghai electronic 27 years, specializing in the production of adjustable encoder encoder models complete, passed TS16949 quality system ISO9001, 14001 certification, quality guaranteed, manufacturers strength, has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, order is easy to find adjustable encoder manufacturers will find electronic.
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