Single encoder accurate detection method

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Correct way to detect the single league encoder, you can refer to the following way. 1. The first thing to turn the handle, see if turning the handle rotation smooth, whether, flexible switch when switch on and off 'click' sound is ringing, and listen to a single union internal resistance and contact point to the encoder, such as a 'rustling sound, explain quality is bad. 2. The multimeter test, first according to the size of the resistance measured single league encoder, choose good multimeters resistance tests are appropriate, then according to the following method for testing. 2. 1. Detection of single league encoder activity arm contact with the resistors are in good condition. The multimeter ohm file '1', '2', Or '2', '3') At both ends, the single encoder spin counterclockwise direction of rotation to close to 'closed' position, then resistance as small as possible. Clockwise rotation handle slowly again, resistance value should be increased gradually, the header pointer should move smoothly. When the shaft screw to extreme position '3', resistance should be close to the nominal value of the single league encoder. Such as multimeter pointer in single al encoder shaft rotation have beat phenomenon in the process, activities contacts have poor contact failure. 2. 2. Measurement with multimeter of ohm '1', '2' at both ends, the readings shall be the nominal value of the single league encoder, such as multimeter pointer fixed or resistance differs a lot, suggests that the single league encoder has been damaged. Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of a single encoder for 25 years, the encoder model is complete, the products are of good quality and have gained good reputation among the customers and the industry, looking for a coder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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