Several problems that should pay attention to install encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Encoder is a kind of common electronic components, widely used in voltage and current regulation of use, is the dimmer, speed, adjustable brightness, adjustable temperature tuning quantity adjustment. To install the encoder, in order to maintain performance does not change, install encoder needs to pay attention to the following questions. A, heat dissipation problems encoder in use, the resistor body heat will cause the rise of temperature of the encoder itself. Must be in the form of convection, conduction, radiation and heat dissipation, in which case or floor cooling way of conduction is a very important. If the encoder to install enough properly, heat dissipation is bound to be affected. Even cause damaged encoder temperature was too high. Especially those larger encoder, power consumption and electronic equipment, instrument miniaturization and can form the internal temperature of rat for heat dissipation between serious should pays much attention to. Often installed on the thermal conductivity of good metal base plate, to ensure good heat dissipation. At the same time, also need to consider other fever yuan, within the vicinity of the encoder device of distribution. Should be considered when necessary to provide ventilation and cooling conditions, to ensure the safety in the encoder can use. Second, the mounting problems when installing encoder, fixed nut or lock the lock nut of the encoder cannot too tight, otherwise the axis of rotation will be out of shape, and the rotation will be uneven. In this way, torque changes will occur. For locking the encoder, locking torque is lower than the standard should pay special attention to the following. Locking torque according to the turning sleeve diameter thickness and different materials used in industry. Generally speaking, aluminum shaft worst, casting axis, brass, steel shaft, in turn, hardened. In addition, after the nut lock, rotation about LMM above higher than the surface of the nut. Three, terminal and circuit of welding because of the encoder raises the soldering terminal or lead is shorter, so the miniaturization of printed circuit boards, or in the hybrid integrated circuit for welding later must pay attention to add hot temperature not too high, go not too long, The soldering iron welding, temperature of 350. C, 35270. C, 5 s) 。 Otherwise. The radiant heat generated in the melting of solder, solder splash, printed circuit board bending or substrate deformation, etc. , can be the cause of the encoder failure. If the attachment errors, remove, especially from printed circuit boards or hybrid integrated circuit substrate to put on line, more should be cautious. In addition, when welding, flux should use less as far as possible, more can't let flux immersed inside the encoder, otherwise, cause poor contact. In the process of welding circuit, between the terminal or terminal and gold w g, bottom clearance, and other conductors shall strictly avoid have solder fan into the phenomenon, must carry on the strict removal process after welding. Note 1) install the encoder To keep tin plating processing of solder joints before welding, paint and dirt on the removal of solder joints. 2) When welding or install encoder, want to make logo is easy to observe. 3) Adjustable encoder to install where is easy to adjust. 4) High-power encoder to consider when installation radiator, especially to make full use of the radiation heat. 5) To take advantage of low power encoder conduction and convection. Although small power encoder lead decisive significance of thermal conductivity, but in the leads of the encoder on the printed circuit board or a short one, so that we can make use of the floor cooling. 6) Installing a encoder, fastening parts should be fixed firmly, avoid loose encoder, into the other components in the circuit. Some encoder, for example, on the face of rotational positioning column, have prevent shell when installation should pay attention to check whether the positioning column is correct in the installation location hole on the panel, avoid shell deformation. Rectangular fine-tuning encoder with screws, screw must not be too tight, avoid destroying the internal structure of the encoder. 7) Install the knob on the encoder shaft end not too big, should match the size of the encoder, avoid adjust rotational torque too big and destroy the dog inside the encoder. 8) Pin type of encoder, lead to prevent wire broken, bending or twisting wire is not allowed. 9) Encoder load circuit, pay attention to the right of three pin connection. 10) Appropriate to the welding time, shall not heat too long, to avoid shell softening deformation around the wire. 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