Sensors in the application of intelligent life is so strong

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
As people want home appliance can increase the comfort of use, to reduce energy consumption and water consumption, easy cleaning, reduce noise and vibration, improve the quality of use, the implementation of complex intelligent. 。 。 。 。 。 All kinds of sensors are widely used in intelligent home appliances. Today, electronic show all sensors in the application of intelligent life is so amazing! A new, improved miniature sensors have been used for washing machine and dishwasher, so the working principle of the sensor is how? 1. Pressure sensor is used as the water level switch or more complex devices, such as monitoring the amount of bubbles in the washer and dryer. 2. Chemical sensors used in water quality monitoring, monitoring parameters including turbidity, color, surface tension, detergent solubility, pH, etc. , and then determine the rinse cycle (> solution sensing system. 3. Photoelectric system used to monitor the turbidity of the washing machine, making the wash cycle the number of times a consistent with actual needs, Water sensor system) 。 4. Electromagnetic sensors used in the dishwasher control the movement of the hydraulic arm. Second, the sensors in the smart plays the role of the family? 1. Non-contact detection system, such as thermocouple infrared sensor used for temperature control of micro processing, it can also be used for cooking utensils, hair care appliances, and in a toaster. 2. Flow sensor can be used for electric fans and air quality detection in the vacuum cleaner. 3. Acceleration and the slope sensor can be used in the electric Mr. 4. ZhiNengDuo gas sensor ( Artificial nose) Can be used to automatically with baking control. Used for heating and temperature control sensors are: temperature sensors and switches, pressure sensors and switches, gas and liquid flow sensor. Temperature control is the appliance of one of the earliest and the most important function of. Uranium resistance based on the technology of advanced film fiber temperature sensor is a good example, it is often used in the kitchen of heating plate, and in the oven. Three, sensors applied in intelligent small home appliance. 1. Sensor and non-contact temperature disperse identification can be used for the combination of automatic baking control, used in hair care unit distance non-contact temperature, humidity, hair color detection. 2. Intelligent medical sensor used for protective equipment. The equipment used in the improved uv sensor as a protection against allergic to ultraviolet light. 3. Smart shoes can use acceleration sensor measures the movement of step, also can calculate the distance runners and walkers movement. 4. Proximity sensor and pressure sensor is used to adjust the blade used for razor. 5. In a lot of kitchen equipment, some sensors can be used to implement automatic cooking function, such as the state decided to food, monitoring possible accident (> such as the oil in the pan. 6. Some sensors can be used for remote control vacuum cleaner. Intelligent life for us to solve many of the demand, thanks to the sensor's powerful! Shanghai electronics is a professional manufacturer of distance displacement Angle displacement sensor, if there is demand can contact us.
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