Selection of the rotary encoder to comprehensive assessment of what respect?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Selection of the rotary encoder to assess what respect? Under the electronic summarized from several aspects, in the hope that we can know clearly before selection. Rotary encoder advantages of the high speed development of society and promoting the high temperature resistant, high power and heavy machinery products and the development of mechanical equipment, and the function of the rotary encoder, put forward the higher request, in addition to the two yards connection shaft, transmission torque, or exercise, also with two axes relative offset compensation, anti-vibration, buffer, improve the transmission efficiency and improve the transmission accuracy, reduce noise, energy saving, improve the transmission system performance, and demanded that the rotary encoder has simple structure, good process performance, high reliability, easy manufacturing, low price, easy maintenance, easy installation. Rotary encoder application considerations for rotary encoder and the user connection between the output shaft: should use elastic soft connection, avoid by all means use rigid connection, in order to avoid the user axis series, beating, causes the damage of shaft encoder and encoder. Rotary encoder when installation should be gently push the bedding bag axis, it is forbidden to use hammers and break the collision, so as not to damage the shafting and encoder. Pay attention to the allowable axial load, shall not exceed the limit load. Rotary encoder application field feedback sensor, rotary encoder as speed and displacement is mainly used in the servo motor, asynchronous motor, stepping motor, elevator traction machine, elevator door machine and mechanical shaft need the automation control of the movement speed and displacement information feedback, to ensure the high precision of mechanical stability, and improve production efficiency and safety operation. Choose and rotary encoder factors should be considered when rotary encoder of choose and buy, can consider from three aspects, first of all is in line with their own processing requirements of the rotary encoder ontology, the quality of rotary encoder. Followed by the rotary encoder system, there are all kinds of rotary encoder system, choosing the right system is the key to the choose and buy rotary encoder. Finally, the drive unit and rotary encoder control key, different drive unit can achieve the machining accuracy is different also, when choosing drive unit, according to the precision of the workpieces to choose the appropriate drive unit. Rotary encoder can also consider from the following several aspects: 1, the incremental or absolute type selected appropriate signal must consider allowing the cost, the origin can reset when power on, control the speed, anti-interference and so on. 2, the choice of the accuracy of the resolution precision at the request of the considered assembly machinery and machine costs on the basis of choosing the most suitable models, generally choose the resolution of the precision machinery comprehensive accuracy of 1/2 a 1/4. 3, the dimensions to consider according to the axis of the state (selected installation space Hollow shaft, rod shaft type) 4, axial load permitted to take into account the different method of installation not coaxial load state, as well as the life of the mechanical and so on. 5, maximum allowable speed when used according to the mechanical maximum speed selected. Looking for manufacturer of rotary encoder is looking for a professional, Shanghai electronic rotary encoder 25 years production experience, the encoder variety, all varieties, the product passed TS16949 quality system ISO9001 ISO14001 certification, quality reliable, professional, focused, trustworthy!
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