Selection of rotary encoder must consider the question before

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
We all know that the main function of rotary encoder is at the time of equipment operation to provide the underlying encoding support machine operation, ensure that the interaction between the components and parts more excellent cohesion, rotary encoder is widely used for its unique advantage and performance, for the user, select the appropriate encoder is very important, the selection of the rotary encoder to consider what factors? The first is the size of the space choice, for users every use of the environment is different, so the performance of the equipment and space size is a big demand, so in choosing a rotary encoder must need to pay attention to the equipment size. Rotary encoder of the space between and within each unit cohesion has a lot to do, so in the process of selecting the corresponding rotary encoder should notice the space size, because it is very good involves the installation of the machine and equipment configuration. The second is the performance of the equipment selection, the performance of the rotary encoder mainly embodied in the equipment data processing and the performance of the material itself, at the time of rotary encoder selection need to combine these two comprehensive consideration. Equipment material performance mainly embodied in the use of environmental capacity, the new machine will all use new alloy material to ensure the equipment in quality, wear resistance, corrosion resistance performance can get better effect, rotary encoder data processing ability is very important also, general when we were in the selection of the rotary encoder based on considering equipment internal chip data processing ability, generally the higher the frequency of the processor, the more our ideal choice. Finally, the selection of the rotary encoder also need to consider is the price, this factor is concerned, and the price of rotary encoder and equipment performance and the choice of business has a lot to do, to occupy more advantage on price, just need to choose the appropriate encoder manufacturers. Rotary encoder selection factors to consider, therefore, there are many, including the selection of the size of the space equipment and performance, etc. , for users, and smooth experience from the performance of the encoder manufacturers and choose the suitable machine, Shanghai electronics specializing in the production of rotary encoder for 25 years, more than the encoder model is complete, the product quality is reliable, get the customers and the industry consensus, encoder is your supplier quality choice!
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