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Rotating position sensor characteristics and application fields

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Rotating position sensor is to be able to feel the location of the measured object translates into usable output signal of the sensor. Rotate working principle of position sensor position sensor according to the change from rotating impedance, change output voltage, and detect the voltage can easily get the rotation Angle. Rotating position sensor features: 1. Rotation Angle can be read by the output voltage; 2. With high rotating life features, the rotation of the electronic production position sensor has 1 million + life; 3. Volume is small, thin; 4. High precision; 5. Can be pasted on the surface. In what fields rotating position sensor application 1. Humanoid robot joint control feedback sensor; 2. Drone position feedback sensor; 3. Car audio navigation volume, function control; 4. Radio control, game equipment control rocker; 5. Headphones, hearing AIDS and other wearable equipment operation switch; 6. The operation of the small digital camera switch, lens, aperture of the feedback sensors. Shanghai electronics is a professional manufacturer of rotary position sensor, good and inexpensive, rotating position sensor is your supplier quality choice!
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