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Rotary encoder wiring should pay attention to what?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
Rotary encoder is a kind of photoelectric rotating measuring system, its rotation of the output pulse, through counting device to know its position, if false wiring it might damage the internal circuit, so when we give rotary encoder wiring should fully pay attention to the following points: rotary encoder wiring note 1: the wiring shall be carried out under the power OFF state, because when power on, if the power supply output line contact, sometimes will damage the output circuit. Note 2: rotary encoder wiring wiring note the power polarity, because if the wiring error, sometimes damage the internal circuit, so it should take note the polarity of the power supply to wiring. Rotary encoder wiring note 3: if the parallel wiring and high tension line, power line, sometimes is induced into damage caused by misoperation, so let's separate wiring separately. Note 4: rotary encoder wiring extension cord, should be under 10 m. 并且由于电线的分布容量,波形的上升、下降时间会较长有问题时,采用施密特回路等对波形进行整形。 Rotary encoder wiring note 5: in order to avoid induced noise, etc. , to use the shortest distance wiring. To the integrated circuit input, need special attention. Note 6: rotary encoder wiring wire extension, conductor resistance and the influence of the capacitance of the line, the waveform of rising and falling time lengthen, prone to interference between the signal and crosstalk, so the application of low resistance small, the line between the capacitance wire, twisted pair, shielded wire. Each friends in to be sure to pay attention to the above six when rotary encoder wiring details, if you have any questions also can contact us oh, Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD is a professional production of rotary encoder manufacturers, design and manufacturing ability strong, welcome to visit!
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