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Rotary encoder voltage problem

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Rotary encoder is a kind of sophisticated electronic components, used in industrial control field, for the use of rotary encoder will be accompanied by a copy of the instruction for use, will elaborate on some of the work used parameters, voltage of rotary encoder, today we are going to learn about the rotary encoder and the relationship between the voltage and rotary encoder voltage imbalance? Rotary encoder and the relationship between the voltage rotary encoder cannot be no voltage at work, it has to do with what is the relationship between the voltage? Look at the following: 1, release voltage, release voltage? 吗? 10% of the rated voltage, when the line residual voltage is too large, will lead to encoder not release coupling. Coil rated voltage: 2, the encoder coupling normally open contact, to the general requirements of coil shall be imposed on the minimum operating voltage over-voltage, do not recommend using low voltage, because it will weaken the vibration resistance of products, in the car crash failure may occur. 3, the maximum working voltage: automobile relay coil in order to meet the requirements of low voltage ( Rated 60%) , the general design of high power consumption, the coil voltage is longer, generally should be less than 120% of rated voltage, if required to achieve more than 130% of the rated voltage value, need to contact factory, get technical support. Especially in the use of high temperature, can lead to the coil temperature is exorbitant, accelerated aging eventually damage the insulation of the coil. 4, with the transistor and integrated circuit voltage relay drive, pay attention to the transistor and the integrated circuit IC voltage drop and the damage of coil EMF. Rotary encoder voltage imbalance? Though, including tight control encoder in many encoder performance is very good, but because of enterprise user operation problem, often can appear some unnecessary trouble, such as voltage unbalance. Generally speaking, this is should not appear, but because workers don't pay attention, will cause the encoder control voltage imbalance, and voltage imbalance will also bring great inconvenience to the production. So, how to solve it within close control encoder voltage imbalance? Have any request for air switch? Professionals said that in the process of using the close control encoder, sometimes some small voltage imbalance can also cause a lot of current imbalance, appear even lack of phase, it is more common, and workers are not skilled or is careless. If it is not timely adjusted, is likely to appear rectifier bridge damage or electrolytic capacitor is damaged. For the solution of this kind of circumstance, professional advice: if some current more than the rated output current of frequency converter, then, must be in accordance with the reactor, so that we can avoid the situation of the current imbalance, also can be in the presence of unbalanced current situation, to protect the machine is not damaged. Shanghai electronics specializing in the production of rotary encoder for 27 years, encoder models complete, can according to customer needs to customize the pulse and size. Research and development production of magnetoelectric rotary encoder is a cost-effective rotary encoder, magnetoelectric rotary encoder performance not easily affected by dust and condensation; Its simple and compact structure, non-contact, long life, high and low temperature resistance, resistance to vibration, fast response speed, low cost. Looking for a rotary encoder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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