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Rotary encoder using need to pay attention to what issues?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Rotary encoder seems simple, actually internal integration with highly complex microelectronic technology, compact structure. To ensure accuracy and service life of the rotary encoder, electronic to you today about the use of rotary encoder needs to pay attention to what issues? Rotary encoder is used to measure the rotational speed and cooperate with the PWM technology can realize fast speed regulating device, has advantages of simple operation, stable performance, high reliability, is widely used in many fields. Attention users using a rotary encoder, it is necessary to pay attention to the following three aspects: ( 1) Installation of rotary encoder to note: when installing rotary encoder don't give axis exert direct impact. Encoder shaft connected to the machine, you should use the flexible connector. In a shaft connector, don't press hard into the. Even if the use of connectors, because bad installation, may also be added to the axis of is greater than the permissible load load, or dial the core phenomenon, therefore, pay special attention to. Bearing life related to the conditions of use, affected by the bearing load of extremely large. Such as bearing load ratio regulation load is small, can greatly extend the life of the bearing. Don't disassemble rotary encoder, doing so will hurt oil and drip proof performance. Drip-proof type product is unfavorable and long-term immersion in water, oil, when the surface of water, oil should be wiped clean. ( 2) Vibration impact on the rotary encoder, add in the vibration on the rotary encoder, can become false pulse. Therefore, to set the place, the installation place. The more the number of pulses per revolution happened, the narrower the rotating slots of the disk slot interval, the more susceptible to the effect of vibration. In low-speed rotation or stops, and spin groove on the shaft or the ontology of vibration disc jitter, pulse error may occur. ( 3) Note: about rotary encoder wiring and connection wiring, it might damage the internal circuit, so when wiring should take note: 1. Wiring shall be carried out under the power OFF state, when power on, if the power supply output line contact, sometimes will damage the output circuit. 2. If wiring error, sometimes damage the internal circuit, so should be fully note the polarity of the power supply wiring, etc. 3. If parallel wiring and high tension line, power line, sometimes by induction into damage caused by misoperation, so let's separate wiring separately. 4. The extension cord, should be under 10 m. And because the wire and the distribution of capacity, waveform of rising and falling time is longer, there is a problem, use schmidt circuit of waveform shaping, etc. 5. In order to avoid induced noise, etc. , to use the shortest distance wiring. To the integrated circuit input, need special attention. 6. Wire extension, conductor resistance and the influence of the capacitance of the line, the waveform of rising and falling time lengthen, prone to interference between signals ( Crosstalk) Small, so the application of resistance, the line between the capacitance (low wire Twisted-pair cable, shielded wire) 。 For HTL with symmetric negative signal output of the encoder, the signal transmission distance up to 300 meters. All in all, to ensure accuracy and service life of the rotary encoder, we in the installation, use environment, and the wiring connection to fully attention. Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. , since 1991 to start producing rotary encoder, research and development production experience, such as a rotary encoder purchase demand, welcome to contact us.
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