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Rotary encoder using common failures and solutions

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Rotary encoder is widely used in electronic field, and we may encounter in the process of using this or that kind of problem, what are those of the rotary encoder failure reason have? How to solve this problem? Electronic science under this knowledge for everyone, hope to help everyone's work. Rotary encoder using common failure are the following: 1. Rotary encoder cannot produce correct waveform: this problem is the rotary encoder failure itself, such as damage to internal components, unable to produce the correct waveform, eventually lead to not work properly. Solution: if the rotary encoder appear this kind of circumstance, the solution is to replace the encoder. 2. Rotary encoder terminal foot failure: external connection terminals foot fault occurs, we should first. Usually short circuit, open circuit's terminal is encoder feet or poor contact, this kind of situation will change the terminal. Sometimes may be because of no fixed terminal foot loose, so it is necessary to check the terminal foot whether card in advance. 3. Rotary encoder + 5 v power supply voltage is too low, the causes of this phenomenon is a power failure or encoder internal components resistance is larger and the voltage loss, this situation is to repair the power supply or replace encoder internal components, general voltage not less than 4. 75V。 4. If is absolute encoder failure, if the fault before the reference point position of the lost memory, so need to return to the reference point of operation. 5. Shielding component of rotary encoder, or equipment or it will cause interference signal involved, lead to waveform instability, resulting in the encoder work is not accurate, it must pay attention to the shielding component is equipped with. 6. Rotary encoder is installed is not strong, loose encoder will cause a lot of problems, one of the most obvious is the cause of the encoder mobile location deviation, lead to encoder work measurement is accurate. 7. Brush or signal hardware pieces of rotary encoder, there are stains, it will affect the encoder signal output range and precision, and will ultimately affect the normal work of the encoder, touch with fat-free cotton needs to take alcohol to wipe clean. Electronic summarizes the above seven common rotary encoder failure, if all the above problems can suit the remedy to the case. Electronics is a professional manufacturer of rotary encoder, 26 years of experience in research and development manufacturing, contributed to today's quality, focused, professional! Looking for a rotary encoder manufacturers preferred electronic!
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