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Rotary encoder used in detail

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Rotary encoder is a kind of used to measure speed, Angle, displacement, distance sensor, encoder because of its simple structure, high measuring accuracy, the advantages of long service life, the attention both at home and abroad and the promotion, the precision positioning, velocity, length, acceleration, vibration, etc widely used. Today know together under the rotary encoder which technical parameters before using the choose and buy should understand? Rotary encoder used in detail. Rotary encoder of choose and buy should know what technical parameters before use? 1. To understand the application in the test object, speed, range, measuring angular displacement or counting, etc. 2. To know is only used for dynamic process or containing static position or state. 3. Want to know the type choose incremental rotary encoder or absolute rotary encoder. 4. Need to determine the scope of the object's movement. 5. To understand the choice type single ring absolute rotary encoder or ring type absolute rotary encoder. 6. Need to know the object's top speed or frequency. 7. To know the object's accuracy requirement. 8. Need to know about choosing the application of rotary encoder parameters. 9. Use should be paid attention to the environment, pay attention to the rotary encoder interface mode and level of protection. The transformation effect of rotary encoder is very fast, but want to keep such good performance, in daily use process need to develop correct and reasonable operation method, take a look at the below details are easy to be ignored in the operation. Rotary encoder using details, installation need to be careful, avoid the impact of the rotary encoder used as connection with other mechanical equipment, to use flexible connector, when connected during the installation process to avoid encoder accidentally injured by hard objects, most of the time it is hard to on the face of such bumps, use soft connector can during the installation process will not cause negative pressure to the encoder. Second, reduce vibration, prevent no pulse rotation occurs if there is a pulse coder, will seriously affect the conversion rate of the equipment. Equipment connection is not correct, equipment operation mode is not reasonable, quality is not good enough, the influence of the working environment and so on will cause the encoder pulse. So when installation check whether the connection is loose, should be more strengthened operating mode is correct, a specification equipment installation, lower vibration frequency to prevent no pulse. Three improper wiring, wiring and connections is also in use process will affect the rotary encoder error, not only such, also can cause a serious internal encoder circuit, even line was burn out. So close when it's in the connection line in the encoder, the output of the input power cord should be carried out in accordance with the corresponding color reasonable collocation, high tension line and the connection between the power lines to separate operation. Above is the rotary encoder in the daily operation of easy to overlook details, in the process of reasonable operation of the right, to ensure that the use of the equipment performance. Shanghai electronic products company is 27 years old, encoder manufacturers, specializing in the production of various kinds of incremental encoder and absolute encoder, rotary encoder models complete, can replace both at home and abroad of rotary encoder. Electronic has 26 years of experience in research and development and manufacturing production, the factory has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, large cargo easy availability, looking for a rotary encoder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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