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Rotary encoder used common terms

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
1. Rotary encoder output pulse number/roll rotary encoder output pulse number one revolution of the hair, for optical rotary encoder, often with the inside of the rotary encoder grating groove for the same ( Can also be used in the circuit of output pulse number added to the slot number 2 times 4 times) 。 2. Rotary encoder resolution of rotary encoder resolution said the spindle rotates, the biggest such as reading data points. Absolute value type is not in the form of a pulse output, while in the form of code is the location of the spindle ( Perspective) 。 Unlike incremental type, is equal to the incremental type 'output pulse/roll. 3. Rotary encoder grating optical rotary encoder, the grating has two kinds of metal and glass. Is made of metal, has light hole groove; Is made of glass, it is in the glass surface coated with a layer of shading film, here there is no clear line ( Slot) 。 Slot number less, can be used on the metal plate punching processing or grooving corrosion method. In impact resistance type using the metal grating encoder, it doesn't impact resistance compared with the metal grating, so on use, please note that don't impact directly on the encoder. 4. Rotary encoder maximum response frequency is the maximum number of pulse response reaction in the 1 second ( Example: maximum response frequency to 2 KHZ, which is 1 seconds to 2000 pulse response) Biggest response speed formula is as follows ( rpm) /60× ( Pulse number/roll) Hz5 = output frequency. Rotary encoder maximum response speed is the highest speed of response, happened under the speed pulse response formula is as follows: maximum response frequency ( Hz) / ( Pulse number/roll) × The speed of the 60 = shaft rpm6. Rotary encoder output waveform output pulse ( Signal) The waveform. 7. Rotary encoder, the output of the output signal phase difference two phase two output pulse waveform of the relative lag. 8. Rotary encoder output voltage output pulse voltage. The output voltage will change because of the change of output current. Various series of output voltage, please refer to the output current characteristics in figure 9. Rotary encoder starting torque to make dormant encoder shaft rotation necessary moment. Usually run in the moment than the starting torque is small. 10. Rotary encoder shaft allows load said additive on the axis of maximum load, which has two kinds of radial and axial load. Radial load for shaft is vertical, loading and eccentric Angle and so on; Axial load for shaft is horizontal, stress is associated with the force of push-pull shaft. The two forces affect the size of the shaft mechanical life of 11. Rotary encoder shaft rotation inertia moment of the value of moment of inertia and the resistance of the 12 to rotational speed change. Rotary encoder speed mechanical load limit of the speed instruction encoder. If you exceed this limit, will have a negative impact on the service life of the bearing, the other signals may interrupt. 13. Rotary encoder gray code gray code is advanced data, because it is a unit of distance and cyclic code, so it is safe. Each step is only one change. The data processing, gray code must be converted to binary code. 14. Rotary encoder working current channel allows load current. 15. Rotary encoder work mentioned in the table data and tolerance, the temperature parameters in this temperature range is guaranteed. If a little higher or lower, the encoder will not damage. When to return to work temperature and can achieve 16 technical specification. Rotary encoder encoder working voltage of the power supply voltage.
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