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Rotary encoder signal output have? Can output more distance?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
About the rotary encoder signal output, some friends may not be very clear, this article mainly tells about the rotary type encoder signal output have? What is the rotary encoder signal connection? How long distance type rotary encoder signal output? Rotary encoder signal output have? Rotary encoder signal output sine wave ( Current or voltage) , square wave, TTL HTL) , open collector ( PNP型、NPN型) , push-pull type a variety of forms, which is suitable for long-term difference driver (TTL Symmetry. A, A - ; B, B - ; Z,Z- ) HTL also calls the push-pull type, push-pull output, encoder signal receiving device interface should correspond to the encoder. What is the rotary encoder signal connection? Signal connection encoder pulse signal general connection counter, PLC, computer, PLC and computer connection module with low speed module with high speed module, have low have high switch frequency. Single-phase connection, such as used in the single direction count, the direction of velocity. 一个。 B two connected for forward and reverse counting, direction and speed. A, B and Z three-phase connection, used to refer to A fixed position measuring. 一个,, ,B, B - ,Z、Z- Connection, due to the negative signal connection with symmetry, in subsequent differential input circuit, the common mode noise suppression, only take useful differential mode signal, so its anti-interference ability is strong, can transmit far distance. For TTL with symmetric negative signal output of the encoder, the signal transmission distance up to 150 meters. Rotary encoder by precision components, therefore when the impact of large, it might damage the internal functions, use should be sufficient attention. How long distance type rotary encoder signal output? Open collector NPN/PNP output: the output voltage of 10 m, 2 m complementary output: 30 m linear output driver: 100 m Shanghai electronics is 27 years old coder manufacturer, specializing in the production of various types of rotary encoder, electronic research and development production of magnetoelectric rotary encoder performance not easily affected by dust and condensation; Its simple and compact structure, non-contact, long life, high and low temperature resistance, resistance to vibration, fast response speed and low cost, high cost performance! Looking for a rotary encoder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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