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Rotary encoder selection considerations

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
Rotary encoder to thoroughly solve the problem of the measuring speed and is widely used, so in the process of choosing rotary encoder we need to consider what factors? What problem should note? Electronic will be rotary encoder selection considerations summarized below: 1. Electrical interface, note: encoder output way has a push-pull output (common F type HTL) The output voltage, ( E) , open collector ( C, C for common NPN output, C2 for PNP tube output) Long-term drive output. Its means of output should match the interface circuit of the control system. 2. Resolution: should pay attention to the encoder resolution each lap of the output pulse number at work, want to consider whether the content design using precision requirements. 3. Machinery installation size note: including positioning check mouth, trunnion, mounting holes; Cable wire way; Installation space volume; Whether working environment protection grade content requirements. 4. Note attachment aspects: coupler, flange, servo device 5 with installation parts. Whether should pay attention to protecting level: the scene such as water, oil, dust environment, the current maximum of reaches IP65 protection structure 6. The highest response frequency note: choose the highest need is greater than the other equipment operating frequency response frequency, the incremental type up to 200 KHZ, up to 20 KHZ 7 absolute type. Biggest promised to rotate several aspects need to pay attention to: choose the maximum number of promised to rotary encoder needs rotation number is higher than the other equipment, the incremental type up to 12000 r/min, absolute type 8 up to 6000 r/min. Should pay attention to the output phases: A phase, A and B, A and B and Z phase, according to customer's wish to realize what function in detail to determine the output phase needs A few phase ( Naming rules can reflect) 9. Output code must note: binary, BCD code and binary code (gray Naming rules can reflect) 10. Note: output to form NPN open collector output, the output PNP open collector, complementary output, the output voltage, the linear output driver. According to the following equipment input can receive signals to determine what the output of the encoder forms ( Naming rules can reflect) 11. Working voltage side note: dc DC5 - 24 v (between Naming rules can reflect) 12. Aspect of the event form note: shaft, must match coupler to use; Hollow shaft, do not need to match coupler, 13 could be directly used on other equipment. Resolution note: also known as digits, pulse number, a few wire ( Absolute encoder will have this call) , the biggest 6000 p/R, incremental type absolute maximum 1024 p/R 14. Trunnion selection note: Ф 2 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm Ф Ф, Ф Ф. 10 mm, 8 mm to 15 and equipment for the coupling. Should pay attention to appearance size: 20 mm, 25 mm, Ф Ф Ф 40 mm, 50 mm, 55 mm Ф Ф, Ф 60 mm, and should be considered when installing encoder ( Naming rules can reflect) Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. Since 1991, research and development production of rotary encoder, has rich experience in research and development of manufacturing, such as on the selection of purchasing rotary encoder has a question, can feel free to contact us, will help you to thoroughly solve the problem.
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