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Rotary encoder is suitable for use in what place?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
They are widely used rotary encoder and rotary encoder as the partial pressure, shunt, and adjust the resistance effect, so the market demand for rotary encoder is very large, so, rotary encoder is suitable for use in what place? Range of application, most digital products, such as: color display, DVD, amplifier, speakers, Iron shaft encoder) , high-frequency electronic tuner, wireless headphones, high frequency module, digital camera, LCD/LCM display, DVD/VCD/CD laser class. Application range 2, power products, such as: switch power supply, UPS power supply, high frequency switch power supply, the inverse frequency power supply, charger, inverter, etc. Application range of three, safety protective equipment, such as: monitor, alarm, detector, etc. , can be used to precision encoders adjustable iron shell, ceramic adjustable encoder and adjustable encoder. Application scope, household appliances, such as: reread machine, induction cooker, high-frequency head, radios, air conditioning, smoke lampblack machine, lighting, electric fans and other household appliances control panel, etc. Five application range, communication products, such as cordless phones, walkie-talkies, cable television equipment, mixer, window intercom, optical communication products, sensors and other communications products. Application scope of six, automotive products, such as: car audio, car DVD, portable DVD, driving device, auto remote control, reversing radar and other auto parts, etc. Rotary encoder using considerations for more than 1, the resistance of rotary encoder USES mostly carbonated made of synthetic resin, should avoid contact with the following items: ammonia, other amine, alkaline solution, aromatic hydrocarbon, ketone and lipid hydrocarbon, strong chemicals ( High ph) And so on, otherwise it will affect their performance. 2, terminal in the welding of rotary encoder should avoid using capacitive water flux, otherwise will fuel oxidation and metal mold material; Avoid the use of inferior flux, bad soldering tin may cause difficulties, leading to poor contact or break. 3, rotary encoder of the terminal if when soldering welding temperature too high or too long may cause damage to the encoder. Pin type terminal welding should be at 235 ℃ & plusmn; 5 ℃, 3 seconds to complete, the welding should be from the encoder frame 1. More than 5 mm, do not use when welding the wear PCB solder flow; Welding line terminal welding should be at 350 ℃ & plusmn; 10 ℃, 3 seconds to complete. Weight should be avoided and terminal, otherwise easy to cause poor contact. 4, welding, the rosin ( Flux) Entering the height adjustment of the press plate properly, should avoid flux into internal encoder, otherwise will cause brush with poor contact resistance body, produce INT, noise is undesirable. 5, the structure of the rotary encoder is best applied to voltage regulation, and the connection mode should choose '1' feet ground; Should avoid to use current adjustment type structure, because the contact resistance between the resistance and the contact piece against high current pass. 6, rotary encoder, the surface should avoid condensation or water exists, avoid in damp places, in order to prevent the insulation deterioration or cause a short-circuit. 7, installation 'type rotary encoder in a fixed nut, strength shoulds not be too tight, in order to avoid damage the teeth or turn bad, etc. ; When installing 'iron shell straight slide type encoder, avoid to use long screw, otherwise may impede the movement of the sliding handle, even directly damage the encoder itself. 8, the set of encoder knob in the process, the thrust cannot be used too much, No more than 'specification' axis of the parameters of the push pull) , otherwise will may cause damage to the encoder. 9, rotary encoder (rotary operating force Rotating or sliding) Can follow the rise of temperature and light weight, tight with temperature decrease. When used in low temperature environment indicate if the encoder, in order to use a special resistance to low temperature grease. 10, the shaft of the rotary encoder, or slide handle when using the design should be as short as possible. Shorter axis or smooth shank length feel better and stable. Whereas the longer shaking, the greater the feel is easy to change. 11, rotary encoder can withstand the power of carbon membranes surrounding temperature is 70 ℃, when using a temperature higher than 70 ℃ could lose its power. Shanghai electronic 26 years specializing in the production of encoder, CLP yuan association member unit, the resistance encoder rotary encoder most complete model in the domestic market, looking for a rotary encoder manufacturers are looking for electronics.
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