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Rotary encoder installation steps and matters needing attention

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
The first step in rotary encoder installation steps: coupler to wear to the shaft. Do not use screw coupler and shaft. Step 2: fixed rotary encoder. Encoder shaft connected to the coupler, insert the amount cannot be more than the following values. E69- 5 C04B type coupler, insert. 2毫米; E69- Insert coupler C06B type, volume 5. 5毫米; E69- 7 Cl0B type coupler, insert. lmm。 Step 3: fixed coupler. Tightening torque is no more than the following values. E69- C04B type coupler, fastening torque 2. 0 kfg· cm; E69- C06B type coupler, fastening torque 2. 5 kgf· cm; E69B - Cl0B type coupler, fastening torque 4. 5 kfg· cm。 Step 4: connect the power supply output line. Cut off power when wiring. Step 5: check the power supply. The installation of rotary encoder note 1. Using standard coupler, shall be installed within the allowable values. As shown in the figure below 2. Belt and gear when combined with other bearing a living, then combine rotary encoder and the coupler. As shown in the figure below 3. Gear connection, pay attention to not load on the shaft is too large. 4. Application of screw fastening rotary encoder, 5 KFG & middot; Cm of the tightening torque. 5. Fixed ontology for wiring, do not use more than 3 kg power cord. 6. The reversible rotation when using, should pay attention to body installation direction and the direction of addition and subtraction. 7. The set of device of the origin and encoder Z relative on time, must determine the Z phase output while installing coupler. 8. When using do not make the glue water droplets and oil on the body. Such as in internal fault.
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