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Rotary encoder fault solution

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Rotary encoder is a kind of adjustable rotary encoder, some customers in instruments and meters, it can be used for the tone control circuit, is a component of signal strength to change. Rotary encoder may produce some faults in the operation process, and various external performance, is now common faults in the operation process, analysis of rotary encoder must first understand the normal running of rotary encoder external performance. Normal rotary encoder in the process of running, the shaft should be rotating flexible, elastic, no mechanical noise. Between the movable arm is measured with a multimeter and fixed end resistance, header pointer should move smoothly, without jumping drop phenomenon. Rotary encoder failure solution 1, poor contact, there are two points, the first kind of reed elasticity is insufficient, the second is lead to poor contact between feet and carbon film layer. In both cases are permitted to take to repair, the first kind of circumstance will nail and porn root appropriate to press, the second is to use pliers clamping will lead to the feet. 2, rotation is not flexible, usually because of the shaft in the dust or oil thousands dead, this kind of situation usually take at the axis of a small amount of gasoline, and drops of petrol while rotating shaft. 3, the axis of rotation will be out of shape, this is generally due to installation fixed nut or lock the lock nut tighten too much of the encoder, here give suggestion is that after the nut lock shaft about LMM above higher than the surface of the nut. Shanghai electronic 26 years specializing in the production of rotary encoder, the encoder model complete, meets the needs of different customers, all the accessories for our company to form a complete set of production, almost can according to customer demand for custom size, flexibility, strength, has advanced production and testing equipment, all orders for rotary encoder for electronic manufacturers.
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