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Rotary encoder connection?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Want to know how rotary encoder connection, you must first understand the basic working principle of rotary encoder. Rotary encoder to turn the output pulse, to know its position by counting device. By incremental rotary encoder, for example, we usually use are the incremental rotary encoder type, type incremental rotary encoder output pulse signal can be directly input to PLC, using the PLC high-speed counter to count the pulse signal, in order to obtain measurements. Because the rotary encoder output pulse phase number is different, some rotary encoder outputs A, B and Z three-phase pulse, some only A and B phase two phase, the simplest only A phase. Most have A, A +, A minus ,B,B+,B- ,Z,Z+,Z- Three groups of three-phase pulse. About rotary encoder, lead the commonly used rotary encoder has five leads, three of them are pulse output line, 1 is COM back line, 1 is the power cord ( OC gate output) 。 Power supply can be an external power supply, also can directly use the power of the PLC. Power '- 'end to the encoder COM end connection,' + 'connected to the power supply end of the encoder. Encoder COM end connected to the PLC input COM port, A, B and Z two-phase pulse output line is directly connected with the input end of the PLC, A and B to differ 90 degree pulse. Rotary encoder and a shielding wire, shielding wire to be used when grounding, improve anti-jamming. Awareness of the principle of rotary encoder and rotary encoder lead knowledge, following Shanghai electronic installation steps to share the rotary encoder, mainly four steps: 1. 2 the firmly encoder, in order to avoid vibration and loosening. When the encoder connection, please make sure that the load can not exceed the maximum allowed 3. When the encoder connection, please make sure that no deviation of 4. Lock the screw of the coupling so as not to loose in the using process of Shanghai electronic 25 years, specializing in the production of rotary encoder is rotary encoder manufacturer, if you have any rotary encoder wiring installation problem, can consult, contact us.
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