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Rotary encoder and rotary encoder how to distinguish?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Some friends when designing products don't understand rotary encoder and rotary encoder as ah, what's the difference? Rotary encoder is a three terminal, there are two fixed contact with a sliding contact, can be changed by sliding sliding side and the resistance value between two fixed end of electronic components. Its main use is the volume control in all kinds of audio sound equipment or electronic equipment of all kinds of bits and power control, can also be used as position or Angle sensor, or as a tungsten filament bulbs dimmer or heating wire power regulator control components, etc. If you want to choose the rotary encoder, selection xuanzhuanshidianweiqi / 13 - by the following link 1. HTML rotary encoder and rotary encoder as are three pin. But rotary encoder is converting signals or data preparation, could be used in the communication, the transmission and storage, and other forms of signal equipment. Main functions are: frequency regulation, volume, light intensity adjustment, menu selection, speed adjustment, temperature control, etc. If you want to choose the rotary encoder, selection bianmaqi / 12 - by the following link 1. HTML Shanghai electronic 26 years specializing in the production of rotary encoder and rotary encoder, models complete, stable quality, advanced production and testing equipment, is your best choice for long-term strategic partner, looking for a manufacturer is looking for electronic encoder encoder.
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