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rotary encoder 25mm 1024

rotary encoder 25mm 1024


rotary encoder 25mm 1024

as well as we all known, that a rotary encoder is an electro-mechanical device which converts the angular position or motion of a shaft into an analog or digital signal. 

It was consisited of a rotating disk, which has evenly spaced slots around its circumference, and a stationary sensor that detects the changes in light as the disk rotates. 

basically,rotary encoders are commonly used in industrial automation, robotics, CNC machines, and other applications where precise positioning and control are required, which offers a high accuracy, reliability, and durability compared to other types of sensors. Additionally, some rotary encoders can also provide feedback on speed and direction of rotation.

Here are some simple introduction of the rotary encoder 25mm 1024.

the parameters can be matched with our K76 Series encoder:

Incremental Type (Hollow shaft,through hole)

Feature: Thin type,sturdy and durable,optional various output modelong service life,low priceetc

Application:servo motor,textile industry,packing machinery,production line,etc,for auromation control

External dimensions: external diameter 76.5mm,thickness 37mm,diameter of shaft@18mm;@20mm;22mm;@25mm;28mm;@30mm optionally

Resolution: up to 32768P/R

Supply voltage: DC5V:DC8-30V


Weight: about 360g


If you would like to get the latest catalog and price list, freely contact us at heng@shxhgd.cn or whatsapp/tel:+86 1861688 3327 


rotary encoder 25mm 1024

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