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Rocker encoder using principle

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Rocker encoder is widely used in PDA, game consoles, home appliances, computers, toys, mold and other navigation, the use of digital change pole party leadership, but everyone on the rocker encoder principle may not be very clear, under the electronic to elaborate rocker encoder using principle. Line of the input is a periodic width adjustable square wave pulse signal, and the cycle of square wave pulse signal of 20 ms ( The frequency of 50 Hz) 。 When the square wave pulse width change, rocker encoder steering gear shaft Angle change, get the output voltage difference by BA6688 3 feet. The output into the motor drive IC BAL6686 to drive motor and reversing. Angle change is proportional to the pulse width of the change. Rocker encoder PWM signal by absorption channel into at 12 feet BA6688 demodulation signal demodulation circuit, rocker encoder to get a dc bias voltage. Dc bias voltage and the encoder voltage than power, voltage is usually between 4 ~ 6 v, as usually take 5 v. To the steering gear, power supply should be able to provide enough power. Shanghai RJ13 rocker encoder electronics research and development production, widely used by customers in game controllers, such as the need to find a rocker encoder manufacturers friends can contact our development and production.
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