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Resistive sensors use matters needing attention

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Resistive sensors are converts mechanical displacement through the encoder has a definite function relationship with the resistance or output voltage sensor. Simple structure, small size, high precision, light weight, large output, and stable performance. Soundwell resistive sensors ultra-thin, SMT, long life, 1 million +, the use matters needing attention for resistive sensors. 1. Resistive sensors at the time of access lines, forbidden wrong terminal, pay special attention to brush terminal ( 2 #) , cannot be connected to the input voltage. 2. Note when electricity can't multimeter resistive sensor of resistance, current to measure the voltage transducer. 3. Resistive sensors do not throw in the installation process, so as not to touch the bad terminal. 4. When the applied voltage resistive sensor should guarantee within the rated power. ( Here pay attention to the rated power consumption refers to the sensor allows the power consumption when the environment temperature is 70 ℃, when should reduce power use when more than 70 ℃) 。 5. Through the current brush resistive sensor is recommended to 2 ma, no more than 10 largest ma. 6. Resistive sensor precision is refers to the conformity of the output characteristic, rather than the total resistance value deviation precision. Sensor using linear independence, linear precision will be subject to calculating load test when open. The calculation method of independent linear resistive sensor: the sensor industry method, now in general provisions zero voltage before and after two endpoints, theory of electricity, two endpoints travel attachment reference line. The largest deviation range ( Is the maximum deviation of the sum of absolute value and a negative maximum deviation; Is the biggest deviation with zero or negative maximum deviation and 0) Half of the linear deviation as the sensor. With tap the width of the sensor of the tap is 4 ~ 5 o o, within the scope of the tap output voltage constant, tap the general output as a starting point or end point, in the test, the calculation of the linear theory of electricity schedule cannot contain inside the tap, or linear test calculation is not correct. Temperature coefficient of resistance of conductive plastic sensor is bigger than line around the encoder, a voltage divider, when using brush on both sides of the resistance affected by temperature changes, with partial pressure than the same, has no effect on linear sensor. ( If the resistance value as output linearity change) 。 Dual sensor installation structure and size, test point generally to benchmark league ( The first group) Shall prevail. Generally refers to the synchronization precision at a certain point in duplex and plus the total voltage of the output voltage difference ( Duplex plus the total voltage is the same) , not all the test point of synchronization error. Asm generally choose the starting point or point ( The halfway point of the theory of electric rotating Angle) 。 Synchronization accuracy 1% commonly, also can according to the grades of the precision of linear. Shanghai electronic products is a manufacturer specializing in the production of resistive sensors, soundwell resistive sensors are widely used in robot navigation, unmanned aerial vehicles, car audio, and other electrical equipment, the main function control, volume, etc. Looking for a resistive sensor manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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