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Replace the encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Some friends might be in supplier quality or cooperate with existing encoder or price cannot meet the requirements of the company and the need to replace the encoder and encoder factory, so, when replacing the encoder to note the following things: one, fusing the encoder with ordinary appearance is similar to the encoder, the encoder is best not to go with ordinary encoder to replace. Second, the nominal value of the same case, the power can be instead of the power of small, but the installation space should be enough to put the new resistance. Under the condition of three, power requirements, should not only consider the series and parallel resistance, consider the power of series and parallel after whether meet the requirements. Four, in can't match to the RMB nominal resistance under the condition of the encoder, in parallel or in series of methods to obtain the required resistance. For example, requires a 5. 1 ohm encoder, available after two 10 ohm resistor in parallel instead of 5. 1 ohm encoder. Shanghai electronic products company specializing in the production of encoder for 27 years, encoder models complete, convenient for the customer to replace the original encoder model, it can also be customized according to customer requirements, choose us, look easy, find a find electronic encoder the original manufacturer.
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