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Purchasing encoder of several factors to consider

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
As the purchase of electronic products, we will receive the company purchasing the demand of the encoder, but purchasing encoder with skill, we can master these skills little detours, save time and effort to save money, electronic procurement encoder are summarized several factors to consider, for your reference. 1, useful to consider the encoder purchased purchasing encoder is used in which products? What is the function of need? Is stereo, headphones or is a toy, etc. Is used to adjust speed or move light or sound? Know what we know to choose these type of encoder, is with the switch still does not need to bring the encoder switch, this has affected the purchasing cost. 2, the encoder connection way of encoder with the circuit board is what way? Is made, the welding line or directly into the circuit board wiring method or many of the; 3, encoder size, type or travel in the process of purchasing encoder, the first thing to understand the model or type encoder. In this way can we have the general direction. First dial encoder is using a product or a rotary encoder or straight slide encoder, or just trimming resistance. Take this, and then determine the dial encoder is single or double, sliding the trip only identified a general pattern. And this is the most influencing factors of price; 4, encoder soldering way purchase this encoder is use a soldering tin furnace or a manual soldering. The requirements for the materials and technology of the encoder are different; 5, linear encoder and resistance requirements when we determine after the appearance of the encoder will determine how much is the value of the encoder, resistance to accept how much is the deviation, the resistance is linear, and so on. Awareness of these requirements, we can find some advantages of suppliers to choose the proper encoder. Shanghai electronic 26 years, specializing in the production of encoder encoder models complete, can satisfy you the demand of different products, looking for looking for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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