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Purchasing a small advice encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Purchasing the encoder may wish to focus on the following five points, will be good for your product design and the problems of the future, in order to avoid repeated design change, time consuming, greatly improve the work efficiency. 1. For a shaft encoder, should be appropriate to consider when users adjust the encoder can use thumb and forefinger hold shaft encoder from two directions rotate the knob. Because when rotating handle stress, the more uniform, the axis of the rock is smaller, brush contact between resistance and also the more reliable. 2. Shell of reserved for encoder adjustment knob on the diameter of the mounting holes, please leave enough fit clearance, when the design because the knob axiality deviation and encoder shaft liner, if cooperate too closely, easy generation knob and the shell of scratches. 3. Smooth shank length of straight slide encoder or rotary encoder shaft length, when the choice, if conditions permit, using a short slide handle (as much as possible Or rotation) , slide the handle ( Or rotation) The shorter the feel is more stable, smooth handle ( Or rotation) The shaking. 4. Straight slide handle driving mechanism of sliding encoder, if the operating point deviates from the centerline of sliding handle is inappropriate. The shorter the distance L the sliding handle is obtained, the better. Please try to consider driving a centerline and the overlap of organization. 5. For switch, encoders, please use within the scope of the switch power rating, don't do small current circulation will power switch, disconnect switches to use. For example: 5 a switch should not be used in the working current of 1 ma. Suggest using the instrument the measured or calculated method to check the flow of electric current, if the flow of electric current is too large, even though the conventional current is very small, also can appear melting or other problems. Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of encoder for 27 years, encoder models complete, safe and reliable quality, has the advanced production equipment and testing equipment, the production, procurement encoder is 26 years old - encoder manufacturer Shanghai electronic products company.
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