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Power amplifier audio volume has a problem, is the encoder is broken? How to repair?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Some friends reaction using amplifiers sound appears to adjust the noise, channel regulation failure and volume unbalance fault, these failures are the encoder has a problem? How to repair? Today is to tell everyone about these fault processing method. Encoder on the use of basic it is one of the more widely popular, however, most researchers report about amplifiers don't know how to repair the encoder is broken symptoms, such as the use of encoder failure and so on noise and adjust on failure problems. So if not for technical staff, you do not know how to repair also is normal. Also is to have to say before common problems about installing encoder, then bad explanation power amplifier encoder to everyone how to fix the symptoms. Repair methods of noise amplifier audio encoder adjustment generally have the noise amplifiers encoder in regulating, out there in the friction can be too much dust or into dust to cause the internal components such as poor contact problem, is when the encoder adjustment makes a noise of zi zi. So for repair method, first open the encoder, using alcohol to clean the inside of dust, and then check your move piece and piece of elasticity is big enough, is not big enough and will lead to cause poor contact. So suggest add lubricating oil, in the case of elastic enough is to be able to contact the good, and in the use of encoder can reduce friction, conducive to the maintenance components. Power amplifier encoder adjusting amplifier encoder failure repair method in everyday use, often appear on the volume failure, such as too small or too loud, and closed tightly. So for this kind of fault processing method, the general is likely to be frequent use result in the interior of the encoder shaft damage, as long as the replacement of a rotating shaft. But there's another possibility is that there may not be installed on installation is firm, leading to the interior of the encoder some poor contact element, is also causes problems on the regulation of encoder failure and so on. Volume amplifiers encoder channel imbalance fault handling methods about channel imbalance around in the volume on the amplifier equipment fault, this is usually caused by excessive encoder wear around a track of fault, unbalanced for repair method is inconvenient to repair, can replace the encoder. If use time is too long, but also cause some component aging metamorphism of the encoder, lead to the use of the encoder on the safe hidden trouble that there is a big problem. Need to be aware that the encoder used, for different specifications of the encoder used don't replace, because for each of the resistance of different specifications encoder is not the same, or replace, can cause the encoder and incompatible and damage of the equipment. Shanghai electronics is 27 years old coder manufacturer, specializing in the production of various types of encoder, according to the customer needs to customize the encoder's resistance and linear ( Value k - 1 1000 k and all kinds of linear) , the factory has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, the quality of large cargo carefree! The encoder has been by the mouth of the low market, good cost performance is higher than the domestic and foreign brand encoder, looking for looking for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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