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Patch hollow encoder is introduced

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Some friends design needs to patch type hollow encoder, and most of us hollow encoder is a plug-in, electronic should the requirements of customers, developed patch encoder hollow, hollow encoder PIP ( Through-hole reflow soldering) 。 Series: EC28 / name of 35: hollow shaft type incremental encoder main specifications: overall dimensions: 30 mm 28/35 rated voltage: DC 5 v/DC 10 v; Location number: 30; Pulse number: 15; Working temperature: - 40° C - 85° C; Rotate the life: more than 50000 times; The characteristics: the product is designed for hollow structure, to cooperate with clients with the key institutions. Products can achieve reflow soldering; Top products with adsorption cap, which can realize automatic plug-in; Areas of application: this product is used car audio, car air conditioning, car navigation, and other household electrical appliances, related electronic equipment, mainly rise to adjust the volume, adjust temperature, FM, function switch, etc. If you want to know more information, or have a patch hollow encoder sample demand, can contact us: Shanghai electronic products miss li/QQ: 2850818308 WeChat:
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