Multi-channel switch function and the classification of multiway switch

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
First of all, to explain the definition of multiway switch, multi-channel switch is in the process of multi-channel data transmission, can according to need will come all the way in which any circuit, called data selector, also calls the multi-channel selector. Today is to tell everyone about the role of multiway switch and the classification of multiway switch. Multiway switch with 4 to choose 1 data selector, 8 data selector, 16 choose 1 data selector, etc. Multiway switch includes bus multiple choice, multiple choice of the analog signal, etc. , the corresponding device also has different features and using method. Multi-channel switch is a plug of the circuit components. Used to convert band or choose a different circuit. According to specifications, with a knife, digits and insulation layer to; According to the structure, distribution, actuator type, rotary, push button keys, etc. Band switch, should actually be called more knife throw switch, because it not only can do band switch, also can do other purposes. As for how many knife ( How many set of contact) To see the needs of the circuit. At least two groups of course, can be called the band switch. As to how many rolls ( A: how many gear) is , also according to your needs. From 2 to 8 more files. If only as a band switch, at least four groups of contacts, contact enough for up to six groups. Gear is how much a band, you need to how much gear, at least 2 file. 'band switch type is diverse, common is rotating, there is also a push-pull type, and buttons ( The keys) Type. The volume is small. Classification of multiway switch according to the operation mode can be divided into: rotary, toggle type and lever type, rotary switch is usually is widely applied. Each band switch contact plate is fixed on the insulating substrate. Insulating substrate usually consists of three kinds of material: high frequency porcelain, mainly used in high frequency and ultra high frequency circuit, because of its very low loss at high frequency, but the price is high; Epoxy glass cloth and rubber board, suitable for high frequency circuit and general circuit, its price is moderate, in ordinary radio and tape recorder application more; Paper plastic board, its high frequency performance and insulation performance is less than the above two, but the price is low, the affordable radio, tape recorder and instruments in the application. Multiway switch USES it in the input circuit is an oscillating circuit of inductance and capacitance, discontinuous changes to inductance can change range of natural frequency of the oscillation circuit, receive band is also changing. Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. Is specializing in the production of multi-channel switch 25 years supplier, welcome to login our website http://www. soudwell - cn。 Com to learn more.
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