Maximum working voltage of the encoder you have to understand

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Illustrations of the encoder will indicate the maximum working voltage, the electronic today to tell everyone about what is a maximum working voltage of the encoder and the biggest working voltage and what about the encoder. What is the maximum working voltage of the encoder? Encoder refers to the maximum working voltage can in the work and is not bad for a long time, the work under high voltage. Maximum working voltage of the encoder and what about? Encoder maximum working voltage and load in the circuit, generally rated voltage is far less than the maximum voltage. If the actual working voltage higher than the rated working voltage, the easy to cause the encoder to overheat and damage. Encoder is to adjust the current load input, the size of the voltage will change too. P = U * I (the encoder, the total resistance P = U R ^ 2 /) , encoder speed according to the driving mode of motor parameters and to select, usually in need of the resistance of the 1. 5 ~ 2 times. Resistance current for practical through the current one. 5 ~ 2 times. Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. Since 91, research and development production of encoder, 25 years old encoder manufacturers, product model complete, reliable quality, find the encoder manufacturers are looking for electronics.
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