Matters needing attention of installation using absolute value encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
Usually, we would use the absolute value for motor position or velocity system rotary encoder, because the position of the absolute rotary encoder is set by output code reading, in a turn every position of reading is the only one. Therefore, when power off or encoder shift, absolute rotary encoder actual location will not be lost. Absolute rotary encoder is used widely, so in the process of installation we should pay attention to what issues? Rotary encoder manufacturers to match your attention to the following five: attention, absolute rotary encoder is a precision instrument, do not knock or hit, light with light, used with caution. Note 2, guarantee the absolute rotary encoder in the range of the rated power supply and isolation, to prevent the impact power grid in large electric starting, the absolute value encoder. Note 3, under the environment of strong electromagnetic interference, signal line is best to use private sidings, such as the ground double shielded cable. Note 4, absolute rotary encoder signal lines should be good grounding: close, within 2 meters of cable shielding network in both ends, they can relatively remote, absolute rotary encoder metal enclosure grounding, built-in cable shielding net impending, extension cable shielding network signal in the signal at the receiving end of single-end grounding; If the signal cable is longer, or when used outdoors, signal cable should be put on the metal casing, and used metal pipe ends earthing. Note 5, absolute rotary encoder shaft and mechanical connection should be chosen for the flexible coupling. In short, everyone in the installation above five problems when using absolute rotary encoder will not result in errors, Shanghai electronics is a manufacturer specializing in the production of absolute rotary encoder, as there is demand, welcome to inquire.
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