Maintain sound box 10 tips, the most important method. Must see

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
Now more and more families to purchase the home theater, but few for home theater equipment maintenance. Speakers, as an essential part of home theater, is worth us to maintenance the dalai ~ today, electronic teach you how to maintain sound one of a few action. For the first time use must pay attention to check boot for the first time, be sure to check all the equipment connection and sure before dispatch the volume knob to the minimum to start the system. If the system making new sounds, better off, please professionals for debugging. If not connected power amplifier, said the road didn't get through, if the boot for speakers can cause irreparable damage. two Temperature environment of great influence to the sound system speakers within the various components and other parts, for the temperature is required. Basin of such as wood, paper, etc. , the temperature too high or too low will cause unstable operation of the speaker parts. Temperature control in commonly - sound use of environment 10 ℃ to 40 ℃, environment temperature to avoid large fluctuations. The temperature change of the amplitude is too large and under the environment of low high use sound, will cause irreversible damage to the sound system. 3. When using the volume of avoid by all means is too large, microphone away from the speakers when listening to check the wiring is correct, the encoder position is too large; Operations, such as start-up, shutdown and restart, the speaker volume should be close to the minimum or shut down the power supply, prevent the impact of the large current damage to the speakers; Should as far as possible away from the speaker, when singing karaoke microphone to speakers, avoid to produce the noise and even burning high unit; In order to protect the speaker at the same time, in the general application of the volume of the speakers don't drive too big, as long as enough, about 1/2. The volume suddenly increase on circuit, the speaker has damage; Have an impact on life of encoder, the inside of the encoder structure is an elastic shell access on carbon film, if in same position for a long time may cause of this serious wear of carbon membrane. Four. Speaker placement should be paid attention to the following 1. Speakers should be in the prevent sun direct illuminate place, not to mention the speakers placed in damp places for a long time, so as not to make the voice coil rust or moldy. 2. Don't put speakers are too close to the display. 3. Speakers also stay away from strong magnetic field. 4. Put the speaker on the computer under the table or the placement of stacked together is highly scientific. The correct method is: in order to display at the center left and right sides is symmetrical, and ensure the speakers are to the user, subwoofer for directivity is not strong, flexible some position. Five. Boot device has successively using the stereo, first start the signal source equipment. In addition to the power amplifier, usually we will choose the audio devices such as disk drive, in the process of several equipment has started, should pay special attention to boot shutdown sequence. √ When switched on, start the front equipment such as audio source such as disc machine & rarr; To open the power amplifier; √ Shutdown, first close the power amplifier & rarr; After the front equipment. √ Shutdown should also will be the volume of the sound to the minimum, not only can reduce the switch machine the impact on the sound, and next time won't scare yourself when the phone is switched on. Six. Behind the socket is special, avoid by all means is charged inserted many pull amplifiers for other devices set up one or two outlet, the outlet is absolutely to special seats, can not be used to connect to other high power devices, such as iron and other home appliances. Whether power amplifier behind the socket or amplifier own plug, in the process of using electric plug will pull the impact to the system, damage to the body and speakers. Seven. Speaker dust is dust is the speaker mainly predators, it has a huge damage. Speakers of sealed design has been adopted, but some brands with independent subwoofer speakers, its satellite box with the connecting line between subwoofer, is depend on the box body, feet in the above the line card. If here into a lot of dust, can cause sound box line and the connection between the speaker is not smooth, directly affect the sound quality. So to do a good job in dust removal under every once in a while, please. Eight. Dehumidification damp working to reach the designated position is one of the largest predators, speakers, of course, it is a natural enemy of all electrical products. If the speaker to damp the vibration will horn diaphragm in the process of physical deterioration, so as to accelerate the horn diaphragm aging phenomenon directly led to a decline in quality. Wet also exacerbate the horn soft aprons and aging rags, at the same time also can make the speaker inside some of the metal parts corrosion rust, caused by unexpected failure. Nine. Note waterproof when clean stereo is not recommended when clean water to wipe. Audio equipment shell also with metal is more, the waterproof sound is very little, so the water can cause erosion of the shell, and the electrical conductivity of the water is not suitable for used as detergent. If you want to clean the body, do not use volatile detergent solution type, such as gasoline, alcohol, for example, try to choose a soft cloth, reduce the scratch on the body. Ten. Speakers encoder is bad, how to repair? Sometimes we sound box encoder appeared 'Sha Sha' noise, so the best way is to replace the same brand and type of encoder, need to pay attention to value, the linear encoder. Another way is to clean encoder: recommend the use of anhydrous alcohol ( Please note that at least is analytically pure anhydrous alcohol, rather than medical alcohol) Cleaning of carbon membrane and contact after cleaning can in some small amounts of high purity tung oil or pine oil, have the effect of lubrication and protection. In addition you can also use more difficult to buy VDH TheSolution or also can be used to clean the oil. Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. , is adjustable encoder manufacturer, the supply of the encoder model is complete, the price is reasonable, the 25 years professional manufacturing, quality trustworthy! Welcome to login website consultation:
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