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Long service life of encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-08
Encoder including the characteristics of small volume, long service life, high reliability, simple structure, etc. According to the difference between a digital encoder output function can be divided into three classes of exponential, linear and logarithmic type. Encoder, then, how to use it to keep its normal service life? Electronic summarized below 10 points, for your reference. 1, for a grounding welding pieces of the encoder, the welding must be grounded, and in case of interference. 2, current flows through the resulting voltage drop is high value when the encoder, shall not exceed the encoders allows maximum working voltage. 3, in order to prevent the contact of the encoder, conductive layer spoiled or burned, small resistance encoder work current shall not exceed the maximum allowable junction current. 4, all kinds of fine-tuning the encoder can be directly installed on the printed circuit board, but should pay attention to the arrangement of adjacent components, in order to make sure the encoder convenient adjustment and does not affect the adjacent components. 5, encoder must be solid and reliable, when installation should be tighten enough torque to tighten the nut application in place, in case of the loose shift, collision with other components, and lead to circuit fault. 6, as a result of a few parts of the encoder is made of poly carbonate height and other synthetic resin, so don't in solution containing ammonia, amines, alkali and aromatic hydrocarbon, ketone and concentrations of halogenated hydrocarbon compounds and other chemicals big environment, in order to prolong the service life of the encoder. 7, should be taken before use to check the quality of the encoder. The encoder shaft should be rotating flexible, elastic, appropriate mechanical noise. Use a multimeter to check nominal resistance, should comply with the requirements. If the encoder is measured with a multimeter fixed end and sliding resistance value between the terminal lugs, screw arbor in slow rotary encoder, whose hands should be steady rotation, no jumping phenomenon. 8, the seal of the encoder is the most vulnerable to noise big fault, this is mainly caused by oil pollution and wear and tear. Don't use the method of coating lubricant at this time to solve this problem, apply lubricating oil will increase internal dust and aggregation of conductive particles. Correct treatment method is to use dip in presence of water alcohol cotton ball gently wipe away the dirt on the resistors, and eliminate contact brush to draw out the oil stain on the reed. 9, encoder don't load is used, want to use in the rating. When the encoder as a rheostat to adjust current use, power consumption should be allowed and the moving contact point contact of brush stroke proportionally reduced, to ensure the flow of electric current shall not exceed the rated capacity of the encoder to allow, prevent the encoder failure due to partial overload. Resistance to prevent the encoder adjustment near zero current exceeds permissible maximum, the best combination of a current limiting resistor, in order to avoid encoder over-current and damage. 10, when the encoder seriously damaged need to replace the new encoder, then had better choose type and value the same with the original encoder encoder, also should pay attention to the encoder axial length and shape of the shaft end should match with the original knob. If one thousand can't find the original model, the original value of the encoder, available similar resistance and the type of encoder substitution. Substitution of encoder resistance allows incremental changes 20 [ ( %) ] - 30 [ ( %) ] , rated power of substitution encoder generally should not be less than the rated power of the original encoder. In addition, should also meet the substitution of the encoder circuit and the requirements of the use. Shanghai electronic 25 years specializing in the production of encoder, encoder, good quality, long life, is your ideal choice of suppliers, looking for a coder manufacturers choose old electronics.
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