Introduction about vertical adjustable encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Adjustable encoder has vertical and horizontal adjustable adjustable encoder encoder, adjustable encoder can be used to partial pressure, shunt, rectifier, etc. , the designers used to tune, thermal control, dimming, function adjustment, etc. , and they are widely used on vertical adjustable encoder, electronic detailed introduce you to the role of vertical adjustable encoder, using vertical adjustable encoder considerations, vertical adjustable encoder detecting method, vertical adjustable encoder labelling method. The role of a vertical adjustable encoder, partial pressure effect: when a vertical adjustable encoder and the other components such as light bulbs in the series in the circuit, the same current through the resistor and the light bulb, and resistance and bulb their equal the sum of the voltage resistance and light bulb as a whole, the total voltage on both ends. When the vertical adjustable encoder is the partial pressure. Split/current limiting function: when one resistor and the other components such as light bulbs in the circuit in parallel, voltage resistance and voltage is the same on both ends of the light bulb, while the sum of current through the bulb and the current through the resistor is equal to the total current flows through the resistor and the light bulb. When the vertical adjustable encoder is split/current limiting effect. Three, impedance matching: impedance matching refers to in the process of signal transmission, in order to get maximum power output of a state of work, and some methods make excitation load impedance and the internal impedance of mutual adaptation process. And one of the method is implemented by changing the resistance, the vertical adjustable encoder is the impedance matching. Four, filtering effect: in vertical adjustable encoder and capacitor in the RC charge and discharge circuit in series, using the RC charge discharge between an infinite loop, we will play a role called filtering resistance R. Vertical adjustable encoder to note a use, welding flux, it is important to note that used when should avoid using water-soluble flux. Adjustable should be paid attention to when using high frequency solder encoder in the plastic parts. Second, avoid wiring and add tin lead to solder flow through the circuit board, poor contact results in vertical adjustable encoder. Third, as far as possible within 3 seconds to complete, as a result of the soldering iron contact the highest temperature is lower than 270 degrees. If the time is too long or the temperature is too high, can cause various problems such as poor contact adjustable encoder. Vertical adjustable encoder a detection method, numerical method: usually there three resistance number XXX, the first two Numbers was followed by 10 and bits, the last of that figure is 10 X to the power, the resistance of the concrete resistance is the first two Numbers of double-digit multiplied by 10 X to the power of the ohm) 。 Second, color ring method: this annotation method is the most common in all nominal resistance method, usually has four common color ring ring, here we put the gold or silver ring as the last of the ring, on the premise of know the corresponding color on behalf of the corresponding number, the color of the first three ring corresponds to the corresponding number, after we know the digital digital method of reading the above said in its value, the two color in the four color ring resistance just indicate the error value, so just know of vertical adjustable encoder a labeling method, color standard method: with different colors of the color wheel to represent resistor value and error level, ordinary resistance expressed four rings. Straight standard method: the technical performance of the resistor as well as the main parameter annotation on the resistor body directly with letters or Numbers. Three, text symbols method: will be Numbers, text both together regularly said main parameters of the resistor. Four, SMD resistor tagging method: top two effective number, plus the number of zero after the third said RMS. Shanghai electronic products specializing in the production of adjustable encoder for 27 years, the production of various types of vertical adjustable encoder, adjustable horizontal encoder, various appearance size rotary encoder, straight and smooth encoder, rocker encoder, switch, encoders, and so on, with the motor encoder encoder models complete, the market most in our electronic type encoder can find the replace model, find the adjustable encoder for electronic manufacturers.
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