Installation and use of hollow encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Hollow encoder is for the customer to increase the function of the application of free middle remnants of a rotary encoder, a lot of customer to apply it in car or amplifier audio products, some kitchen appliances, medical equipment and so on the function of the rotation and the application of the key position. Hollow encoder operating feel is good, additional pressure switch and hollow space can cope with more functional needs. Today let's discuss the installation method, hollow encoder hollow encoder operating considerations. Hollow hollow encoder installation method for general encoder is installed directly on the output shaft of the device, so how to install the hollow encoder? First to speak shrapnel installation and use screw locking in the encoder, then let the encoder of the locking ring and screw rotation, then the encoder gently pushed to the client on the output shaft coupling, the client output shaft static at this moment, at this time on the main shaft of the encoder to turn the two weeks, its purpose is to let the encoder shrapnel fixed on the mounting holes, and then the encoder locking screw locking encircle, thus can complete the installation. Note 1 hollow encoder operation. About whether the resolution of the encoder device use requirement, which means that when the encoder job runtime to output a set of each lap pulse number, look to whether meet the requirements of the use of equipment precision. 2. In the hollow encoder output way common generally have push-pull output, open collector, and the output voltage, etc. You have to think about you when you use the encoder of the output mode and equipment whether the interface circuit of the control system of matching. 3. Encoder in use process, should pay attention to whether the connection between the encoder output shaft flexible connection, such as loose or beating cases, can lead to shaft encoder disk is easy to damage. 4. Operation of the encoder connection, must ensure the connection between the encoder and equipment don't wrong, to avoid caused by wrong mistakes in using encoder damage of the internal circuit. 5. When for frequent use of hollow encoder, attention should be paid to its connected to the equipment must be checked regularly encoder parts inspection, check whether the encoder fixed screw any loose, for example, or fault, there is nothing between occur on the encoder to use to avoid some accidents, such as security hidden danger. 6. Due to the internal hollow encoder are relatively high precision components, in use process to avoid things like water or oil spill to the interior of the encoder, in order to avoid the components in contact with the water inside the encoder, and cause some trouble, such as short circuit. 7. Before installing the hollow encoder, first be sure equipment on the positioning of the seam allowance, installation space, installation space work environment protection, such as volume, mounting holes are all meet the requirements. Shanghai electronic products is 27 years old, encoder manufacturers, specializing in the production of various kinds of rotary encoder, hollow encoder model complete specifications, from 18 to 60 mm mm hollow encoder hollow encoder, can perfect to replace encoder brand at home and abroad is hollow, can also according to customer needs to customize the hollow size. Looking for hollow find electronic encoder manufacturers.
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