Install and use the encoder considerations

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Encoder is a kind of precision electronic components, can be used to measure displacement, distance, speed and Angle of a transducer device, the encoder is through cooperate with IC, increasing and decreasing, flip, and other functions. Encoder application is mainly used to measure the volume, frequency, temperature, speed regulation and menu selection, etc. Note to install encoder and encoder today to tell you about using considerations. Install encoder considerations, coupling problem. Don't give axis exert direct impact device. The linkage between the encoder shaft and machine, should use flexible adapter. At the shaft adapter, don't press hard into the. Even if using the adapter, because of the bad device, may also be added to the axis of is greater than promised to load load, or forming the core image. Bearing life spans about applying condition, affected by the bearing load of especially big. Do not use rotary encoder ( Electronic hand wheel) To disassemble, doing so will hurt oil and drip proof function. Add in the rotary encoder ( The encoder selection) Oscillation, tend to become the cause of the false pulse attack. Second, to set the place, installation is attention. Number of pulses per forward as the more, rotate the narrower slots of the disk slot interval, the more easily affected by the oscillation. In low-speed rotation or suspension, add spin groove on the shaft or the ontology of oscillation (disk vibration, false pulse may attack. Three, about the wiring and cohesion, wiring, it might damage the internal circuit, so abundant attention should be given in the wiring, wiring shall be carried out under the power OFF state, when power on, if you touch the power supply output line, sometimes will damage the output circuit. If wiring fault, sometimes damage the internal circuit, so the wiring should be energetic note the polarity of the power supply, etc. In order to prevent induced noise, etc. , to use the shortest interval wiring. To the integrated circuit input, especially needs attention. Notes on the encoder to use one. Use of printed circuit boards and recommend outside circuit board when because of the influence of the thermal stress change, so please in advance, welding conditions were fully confirmed. two With a positioning, please in locating position welding. If the positioning point is welding, under the condition of fixed positioning department may be out of shape. 3. Can't wash four. About vibration, the vibration on the rotary encoder, can become false pulse. Therefore, to set the place, the installation place. Five. In composite parts installation procedures, pay special attention to don't exert force on small, thin switch. Six. Screw down the bolt installation class, want to undertake within the prescribed intensity, if exceed the prescribed intensity, may lead to adverse action or bolt of damage. Seven. If under VC1V voltage or current under 10 ua use, there will be a poor contact. Eight. If GuanXing wiring and high tension line, power line, sometimes by induction into damage caused by misoperation, so let's separate wiring separately. Encoder shell and when there is a potential difference between the control panel housing may be caused by noise misoperation, in this case, need to use a certain distance between the wires again. Shanghai electronic products company is 27 years old, encoder manufacturers, specializing in the production of various kinds of incremental encoder and absolute encoder, rotary encoder models complete, can replace both at home and abroad of rotary encoder. With 27 years of electronic research and development and manufacturing experience, the factory has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, large cargo easy availability, looking for a rotary encoder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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