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Incremental Industrial Encoders

Incremental Industrial Encoders


Incremental Industrial Encoders 

We could offer a full range of Incremental Industrial Encoders, 

The main features of our Incremental Industrial Encoders: 

Extremely rugged structure with a high accuracy  

Housing sealed against oil, moisture and dust 

Standard pulses up to 4,294,967,296 pulses per revolution for incremental encoder type (without count multiplication logic)

the actually resolution you finally get in the screen is 4,294,967,296ppr 

Output frequency over 500 kHz

Allowable speed max to 20,000 rpm, the minimum running speed to 1 round per turn 

and the protection level is IP50/IP65/IP67

all these data listed above have been strictly inspected and tested by testing equipment.

If you have any doubts regarding these informations,

you are free to contact us.

And if you looking for a incremental industrial encoder, contact us right now to get the latest the catalog/price/picture or free technical supports.


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