Incremental encoder

by:HENGXIANG     2020-12-04
Incremental encoder shaft rotates, have corresponding pulse output, the discrimination and pulse number of increase or decrease in the direction of rotation to need to use the sentence at the back of the circuit and the counter. It can be set arbitrary starting point count and infinite accumulation and can realize the circle and measurement. When the number of pulses was fixed, but need to improve resolution, can use A 90 ° phase A, B two road signals, frequency doubling on the original pulse number.
our company integrating industrial encoders and high precision coupling of research and development, production and sales for the integration of high-tech enterprises. Our main products are encoder and coupling series. Encoder has five series: absolute type series, the series of economy, industrial universal series, the series of precision enhanced, magnetoelectric type series; Coupling is mainly torx coupling, diaphragm coupling, get a set of coupling, universal coupling, oldham coupling, etc.

company main products: absolute encoder, incremental encoder, coupling, electronic hand wheel is widely used in automation, is a CNC machine, servo motor, elevator, glass machinery, ceramic machinery, food machinery, aerospace, automation line indispensable key element, the equipment manufacturing industry is an important part of a industrial upgrading; Coupling focus on r&d, but also to strengthen the requirements of technology, products all adopt numerical control production, absorbing foreign advanced technology, in combination with the practical situation of domestic research and development, and can according to customer needs, to undertake customized special specifications.

the products of the company implement ISO9001 quality management system standards, full implementation of ERP enterprise resource data information management, passed the CE, ROHS certification. Strength of casting brand, the quality of professional achievement. 'Time precipitation, fruitful pegatron technology always adhere to the' company, learning, innovation, service 'business philosophy, market-oriented, focus on customer needs, through technological innovation, to enhance the product quality exceed customer expectations, sincerely to provide customers with first-class products and services.
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