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How to use incremental encoder?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Incremental rotary encoder resolution differences, using each lap measure, the number of pulses produced from 6 to 5400 or higher, pulse number, the more the higher the resolution; This is one of the important basis for selection. Incremental rotary encoder usually have three way signal output ( Difference have all signal) : A, B and Z, generally USES the TTL level, A pulse in the former, pulse in the B, A, B, pulse is 90 degrees, each lap sends A Z pulse, mechanical zero can be used as A reference. Generally use A forward B or B ahead of A sentence to, my company is defined as the incremental rotary encoder shaft encoder clockwise when looking for forward, A leading B for 90 & deg; , on the other hand counterclockwise for reverse B ahead of A 90 & deg; 。 Also has not the same, want to see the product description. Using PLC to collect data, can choose high speed counting module; Using industrial computer data, can choose high speed counting board; Using single chip microcomputer to collect data, it is suggested that chooses input port with photoelectric coupler. Suggest B pulse do consequent ( The forward) Do the reverse pulse, A pulse ( Backward) Pulse, Z origin zero pulse. Set up counting the stack in the electronic device.
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