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How to use digital encoders eliminate voltage change

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
How to use digital encoders eliminate voltage change? Small make up from the network to find some people to share the technical post, if just the right to use the same do ~ mechanical encoder and digital encoder is uncertain to DuanGong, typical digital encoder end-to-end resistance error value of 20% to 30%. Digital encoder and other resistance in series form when the partial pressure of the network, the resistance value deviation may cause some problems, cause the voltage variation is beyond the scope of allowable error. This application note a proportional circuit design method is discussed, the resistance deviation into acceptable current variation, which can effectively eliminate the change of the voltage. In the circuit of given here, the output voltage depends on the ratio of the encoder, can well control in the design of temperature coefficient. The design of the direct proportion circuit design problem is: 3% error may lead to voltage in 3 v to 4. Change between 5 v. Using the diagram shown in figure 1, basic calculation can be carried out. Digital encoder is 50 k Ω ( 25% tolerance) R1 is 16. 5 k ( 1%) R2 is 100 k ( 1%) 。 Encoder end-to-end resistance is 25% of the tolerance design of the largest error sources. Now consider using different tap resistance the same calculation, if the encoder is 37. The top 5 k Ω, voltage is 4. 46 v, low side to 3. 25 v; If the encoder is 62. The top 5 k Ω, voltage is 4. 54 v, the low voltage of 2. 79 v。 This circuit, the encoder end-to-end resistance value deviation is bigger, can't use this basic framework to solve the voltage change. Introduce two voltage reference circuit, control error and temperature coefficient, and the end-to-end digital encoder absolute deviation will change the loop current, but does not affect the voltage. Output voltage changes in proportion, only depends on the resistance than the encoder tap position. Both benchmark by feedback control the output voltage, R2 ( 25 k to 50 k) To determine the two benchmark source current. MAXIM digital encoder data will be discussed in the manual bypass capacitors, can increase the capacity according to the cloth plate situation. Shanghai electronics is 27 years old coder manufacturer, specializing in the production of various types of encoder, the encoder model complete, can perfect to replace both at home and abroad brand encoders, can according to customer needs to customize the encoder resistance, linear, shaft type, axial length, size, etc. Veteran encoder manufacturers for many years, the factory has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, the production quality, the encoder for years made the world by the quality, is deep the customer word of mouth, welcome friends need to purchase the encoder to the guidance of our company, looking for looking for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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