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How to select an incremental encoder

How to select an incremental encoder


We,ShanghaiHengxiangOptical Electronics Co.,Ltd, located on Shanghai, an international city of China, set up in 2001, is a professional manufacturing high-tech corporation, providesresearch and manufacturing ,entityintegrating opticalmechanical and electronic design. Now we have finished primary pipelining of encoder manufacture.

After development for many years, rotary encoders now have 10 series and over 100 sorts, both popularly sale around the world. Our rotary encoders are widely used for automation field, such as, Office equipment Water conservancy equipmentElectrical equipmentTextile machineryCarpentrymachineryInjection machineryVulcanizateequipment Medical deviceCNC machineMetallurgical machinePrinting machinerytesting machineElevatorServo motorPacking machine, etc. , and has won trust and high reputation from clients .

Our factory are available in Solid Shaft encoder, Thru-Bore encoder, and Blind Hollow Bore encoder,recognized world-wide because of our high quality, reliability, and longevity of each product we sold out. Below is the brief introduction of our incremental rotary encoders. 

1. 9ppr to 80,000ppr for incremental

2. outside dia 18mm to 158mm

3.inner dia 2.5mm to 82mm

4. Minimum thickness 11mm(Extra thin type)

5.output circuit: NPN,PNP, push-pull, voltage, line driver, TTL,HTL,RS422

6. IP40,IP50,IP65,IP67 protection level options

7.overall structure,kit encoder,encoder module or encoder code disc available

8. OED and ODM encoder service


Our advantage:

1.one of the first mover for encoder business in China started from 2001
2. core competitiveness is rotary incremental encoder
3.professional production line and stuffs offering high quality products in a very short time
4.all encoder items have certifications and have special team work for after sales services.

5.experienced engineer team can solve technical any customers problems


Before selecting an incremental encoders, there are a few things to you need to know about th encoder and about your application

Specifying an encoder starts with the needs of the application,which includes:

1.Environmental conditions, for example the working temperature, wet, shock and vibration and contamination

2.Type of motion: unidirectional or bidirectional, etc.

2.Magnitude of the motion and sensitivity

3.Mechanical design, including compliance in the system

4.Electrical requirements of drives and controllers

5.Physical configuration, including form factor, physical distance between encoder and controllers

5.Budget of the incremental encoder you need, including unit cost and the shipping cost of your bottom line.

6.Precision, the exact number of the precision you need to reach of your device

Collect as much information as possible before reviewing the final model ,then you can conract us or call us to get more details of encoders you need to make the final purchase decison.

But if you still have any doubt on model selection, our factory can provide technical support.



lines (pulses) per revolution (1 line (pulse) = 4 counts


the maximum angle between the position measured by the encoder and the real/actual position of the rotor, expressed in mechanical degree.

Output signals

Depending on the encoder type, which kind of output signal mode does your motor use.

Maximum running speed

The real running speed of the applications, for example, 10 counts per minute, or 1000 counts per minute, or even higher 5000 rounds per minute

If you have special running speed of your device, please tell me in advance so that we can determine how to adjust the encoder to match with the operating speed in order to work steadily and properly.


The working Environment

the temperature humidity and pressure conditions which might create condensation, dusty environment, electromagnetic perturbated environment, etc; might guide you to select the most suitable type of encoder.


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