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How to replace the adjustment of rotary encoder?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Rotary encoder is a kind of sophisticated electronic components, so the long running operations may occur some failure and damage, will race are all life, the best way is to replace rotary encoder and adjustment, to replace a new rotary encoder. Below to introduce specific rotary encoder replace steps: step 1: remove the motor back cover and the back cover of rotary encoder; Step 2: loosen the rotary encoder mounting screws; Step 3: rotate the rotor shaft of the motor, make the signs on the rotor of the rotary encoder and its shell logo overlap; Step 4: remove the rotary encoder, then need to pay special attention to at the time of loading and unloading use special screw cap out as far as possible, lest damage rotary encoder; Step 5: the new encoder rotation, make the two symbols of encoder; Step 6: according to the above reverse order install encoder. Note 1 more rotary encoder. In the process of installing encoder, make sure the rotor of the motor, otherwise you will lose the relative position of the rotor. If lost relative position, the old motor you need to use an oscilloscope to adjust the installation position of the encoder, the new motor can be judged according to the sign on the motor rotor shaft to adjust the installation position of rotary encoder, either mechanical adjustment, also can adjust the drive parameters to set an offset value. 2. Should pay attention to when in rotary encoder, encoder installed after fixed screw, must be the top wire on the coupling is loose after remove the assembly stress, resistance phenomenon, after rotating flexible hands in top silk top to death. 3. Need to pay attention to the connection order encoder, anti may run over current fault. Shanghai electronic products is 27 years old, encoder manufacturers, specializing in the production of various types of rotary encoder. After years of research and development experience accumulated, encoder specifications and more complete, can perfect replacement brand at home and abroad and encoder. Power factory, the factory has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, quality goods safe, looking for a rotary encoder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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