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How to reasonably select the adjustable encoder?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Circuit design personnel and engineering and technical personnel of components used in the selection and use of adjustable encoder, all need to take into account the mechanical structure and electrical requirements, should also pay attention to install and use requirements of adjustable encoder, otherwise it will affect the performance and reliability. Choose adjustable encoder must first in the economic perspective to examine its performance index, that is, according to the adjustable encoder's role in the circuit to determine which are the important parameters. For some important parameters are not too demanding. For a preset encoder, for example, once adjusted, generally no longer adjustment, in quite a long time, continues in its state of the original work. So the wear life, dynamic noise requirements is not high. Preset encoder usually make a rheostat to adjust current in the circuit, so the contact resistance change, moving contact limit current and the contact reliability is very important. For equipment, instrument panel, use the encoder, a voltage divider role, and often need to adjust, so the wear life all has the strict request, dynamic noise. Encoder for special purpose, should according to their actual needs to choose them. Some designers think all electrical parameters should have a higher index of components, to ensure that the design requirements, it is unscientific. If some designers to not only dynamic noise according to the panel encoder preset encoder to ask, even for resistive film layer and silver electrode it kick is also seen as not allowed, this makes the design with the actual needs from, not only the lack of scientific nature, also the lack of economy.
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