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How to install rotary encoder?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-04
Rotary encoder is a kind of the precise measurement of the angular displacement sensor based on electromagnetic induction principle, can be used to measure the speed of the machinery, can also to speed control of mechanical device, sometimes the speed of machining need to change a rotary encoder can be used to work. So how to correctly install rotary encoder? Commonly used rotary encoder has five leads, three of them are pulse output line, 1 is COM back line, 1 is the power cord ( OC gate output) 。 Power supply can be an external power supply, also can directly use the power of the PLC. Power '- 'end to the encoder COM end connection,' + 'connected to the power supply end of the encoder. Encoder COM end connected to the PLC input COM port, A, B and Z two-phase pulse output line is directly connected with the input end of the PLC, A and B to differ 90 degree pulse. Rotary encoder and a shielding wire, shielding wire to be used when grounding, improve anti-jamming. Rotary encoder installation steps and matters needing attention 1. Please be sure to install encoder, in order to avoid vibrations caused by loose; 2. When the encoder shaft and machine shaft coupling, it is important to make sure that the axle load should not exceed its maximum allowable values; 3. When the shaft of the encoder by coupling and shaft coupling of the machine, please make sure that no deviation; 4. Please do not use rigid coupling connection; 5. Please lock the screw of the coupling so as not to loose in the use process; 6. Please select the appropriate coupling, because the weight of the coupling is also increasing axial load; 7. When bind with the conveyor belt, please use timing belt, otherwise the transmission Angle is inaccurate; 8. When using a timing belt, please make sure that the tension of the conveyor belt is appropriate. In use process please note belt installation and loose. 9. Please avoid in the process of rotary radial load cause vibration and deviation of belt pulley; 10. When the encoder shaft and machine shaft with a gear coupling, please avoid radial load leads to the partial or whole vibration of gear; 11. Please don't through coupling, conveyor belt and gear to knock the encoder; 12. Control the shaft coupling vibration should be 0. 1 t。 我。 R。 Through above rotary encoder to install the knowledge of the respect, I believe you should be paid attention to in the process of installation problems have a probably understanding, installation will these questions into consideration when using, can safety rotary encoder.
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