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How to dial encoder connection and use?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-07
Dial encoder is also tuning functions which are frequently used in the market a encoder, there are many types of dial electronic encoder for customers to use in the circuit, today to introduce a ropriating dish of encoder related knowledge, including the driving plate encoder wiring method, use the matters needing attention, driving plate encoder driving plate encoder how to clean dust and sundries, etc, define a ropriating plate of encoder, want to just contact friends know more about the encoder dial encoder of common sense. Pull plate of encoder wiring method pull plate encoder from the left foot 1 for public side, about 2 to 3 feet for double sound channel output, 4, 5 for double sound channel input. Left channel with wires connect the left channel, right channel with wires connect right channel, earthing terminal can temporarily need not tube. Driving plate encoder has line input, line output, and grounding terminal, the three points. As for the input corresponding which output, to see whether the plastic knob on the metal contact. General PCB substrate signals from left to right, the first hole is grounded, the second hole is left sound channel output, the third hole is right sound channel output, the fourth is the left input, the fifth is the right sound channel input, bore the second and fourth with wires, bore the third and fifth are linked together. The driving plate encoder using note 1. Pulling plate of the encoder in the use of time is long, should be regularly cleaned some dust on the axis of the encoder and sundry etc, if not clean, the accumulation of dust will affect the line between the output, may be will adjust in the phenomenon such as there will be failure. 2. For plate internal encoder pin pull open circuit or resistor body burn, etc. , this fault is generally inconvenient repair, recommended replacement components. 3. On the driving plate encoder wiring, each line can't wrong, if there are any wrong, compared to the output of the incompatibility between possible line, cause it might damage the encoder. So be very careful on the wiring. How to clean up dust and debris disk encoder pull 1. First of all, the driving plate with screwdriver encoder block fixed card slot open, then remove the encoder. 2. Then take out dial encoder fixed axis of rotation, some driving plate cannot remove a shaft encoder, then some dust and debris on the encoder shaft, etc. , can be directly use cotton ball dipped in pure alcohol to clean the shaft on the encoder. 3. Then stay clean up is completed, can on the rotating shaft can apply some lubricant or special grease its role can delay encoder service life. 4. Finally will dial encoder to install and can be fixed. Shanghai electronic products co. , LTD. , is 27 years old coder manufacturer, specializing in the production of various types of encoder, such as dial encoder and rotary encoder, straight and smooth encoder, rocker encoder, switch, encoders, such as motor encoder, multiple-choice, encoder type size can be customized according to customer's requirements resistance, linear and size, looking for a coder manufacturer is looking for electronic.
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