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How to determine whether a switch, the encoder is broken?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Switch, encoders cost-effective, but also save a space so that had been applied more and more designers in all kinds of electronic products, some friends don't understand, how to detect switch, encoders? Seen below was clear to you! Detection switch, encoders, in addition to the nominal resistance values shall be in accordance with the general method to detect encoder and contact, it should also be detected if the switch is normal. First rotary encoder shaft handle, flexible, check whether the switch is on and off if there is a clear 'click' sound. The multimeter R× 1 Ω gear, two pens and respectively on the two external welding of encoder switch, rotary encoder shaft handle, make the switch, multimeter indicating resistance by infinity ( ∞ ) 0 Ω. To turn off the switch, multimeter pointer from 0 Ω returns' & infin; 'place. Measurement should be repeated when switched on, disconnect the encoder switch, observe the switch to each reaction. If the switch in the 'open' the location of the resistance is not zero Ω, in the place of the 'closed' resistance to infinity, that the switch of the encoder is damaged. Shanghai electronics is a professional production switch encoder 26 years, the products are widely used in car audio air-conditioning appliances intelligent household electronic field, such as the market by its unique performance-to-price ratio, is chasing rods by designers, if you are looking for switch, encoders, then contact manufacturer - source Electronic! ! ! !
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