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How to determine the resistance of encoder?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-05
Encoder of choose and buy before you know what the use value and linear encoder, some designers friends choose encoder in tangle with 50 k or 100 k good? Today we'll discuss this problem! So, choose how much value encoder? Good answer is simple: according to the circuit diagram of the need to choose encoder resistance. If for doing for machine is much more simple, direct value can be selected according to the circuit diagram. But there are a lot of people is to replace the original machine encoder or to the machine use better, so the question is coming; What's value of the encoder more appropriate? The following recommendations are only user feedback summary and personal practical experience, and only in the presence of electronic machine: advice: if you know the circuit, if you are using electronic machine, if you know of the front-end amplifier tube grid leak resistance tolerance, then select 5 times less about grid leak resistance value of the encoder is more appropriate, such as your former stage amplifier tube grid leak resistance value is about 250 k, then select 50 k encoder, if your gate leakage resistance is 1 m, then choose 250 k is more appropriate. If you don't use the grid leak resistance? Like with encoder directly the function of the grid leak resistance concurrently at the same time? Then I suggest use big resistance of encoder, such as more than 250 k (at least More than 500 k) best 。 As for why? The earth resistance and encoder resistance and the working principle of vacuum tube, to find relevant information search about the role of the grid leak resistance will know a thing or two, here unspecified said. But personal advice generally add grid leak resistance or better. In general for electronic machine more than 50 k value is appropriate, but not the bigger the better. Relative to the front, of course, low output impedance of the machine ( General has hundreds of Europe) With more than 10 k encoder can be ( Level before and after the impedance matching principle: low after the high before. More suitable for signal transmission) Abroad, there are many data also suggests that made of 10 k value encoder passive level before the volume control is more appropriate. Some people say that the greater the resistance value of signal-to-noise ratio, the better, but look from actual use effect unless individual circuit and experience, is not the bigger the better, there will be more obvious differences in listening, too much resistance encoder will make you feel like you have control over, the sound tends to lack of energy ( In other words: feel the don't open the compressed sound) 。 Investigate its reason, in fact, because of the encoder is toward the direction of the volume of a big resistance to earth resistance are more likely to affect the actual attenuation degree, although theoretically attenuation degree of each gear is so many, but because the cause of the grid leak is proposed. theoretical, encoder into circuit attenuation value after the volume change, especially the greater the volume of the gears, the more obvious. If there is no use grid leak resistance may be different, The encoder to ground resistance parts had the same effect) , but also must pay attention to the level before some tube for grid leak resistance tolerance requirements ( Such as certain tube require it how much resistance is not greater than the grid leak resistance, the best can have a look at the former level of technical data, in the general technical data will be) 。 Shanghai electronic 26 years specializing in the production of encoder and rotary encoder, straight and smooth encoder, rocker encoder, with motor encoder, switch, encoder. 。 。 。 。 。 Variety complete, 26 years old factory, quality trustworthy reputation! Find the encoder manufacturers, is looking for electronic.
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