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How to determine electrical failure is encoder failure, how repair?

by:HENGXIANG     2020-11-06
Encoder is a kind of commonly used in electronic components in the circuit, often use, sometimes malfunction, and show the product cannot be used, such as: household encoder, produced by the encoder failure are more likely to show it on the whole machine, such as gyration encoder when noise is very big, big sound when small and power switch failure, etc. At this time, we want to test the encoder, the method is as follows. Encoder test method of detection method of the encoder. Measure the encoder with appropriate ohm 1 ~ 3 of the total resistance, look to whether within the scope of the nominal value. Pens and pick up to 23 between terminal 1 a or 2, repeatedly varied slowly rotating encoder shaft, see if electric meter pointer changes continuously and evenly. The resistance value should be near zero the continuous variation between nominal value. The encoder common failures and repair: 1. The encoder fault of rotors of large noise, pin internal circuit, wear resistance, burn, switch damage, etc. 2. Rotation noise is big main reason is that the encoder in resistance due to wear and make this little contact with poor contact between the resistor body, big and small resistance value, resulting in a cameroonian, Cameroon, multimeter according to the method for testing are available, and you will find Pointers have jump phenomena. 3. To have this kind of failure of the encoder, troubleshooting available cleaning method. Use tweezers clip on dip in presence of water alcohol cotton ball, let the cotton ball close to the shaft, the alcohol resistance along the axis of injection, and the rotation of the rotor, until the noise disappear. 4. When the encoder pin internal circuit, can appear the phenomenon of the encoder doesn't work, that is when the rotating shaft current or voltage without any change in the circuit. For the volume encoder, silent failure may occur, or the phenomenon of volume closed tightly, when using a multimeter test between two fixed pin or fixed pin with sliding contact resistance between the pins, its resistance to infinity, or close to infinity, the internal circuit can determine the pin. 5. Carbon film resistor body caused by flow will also serious burn out. For open circuit or resistor inside the pin body burn out and open circuit of encoder, generally inconvenient repair, and adopt the method of replacement. Shanghai electronics is 27 years old coder manufacturer, specializing in the production of various types of encoder, the encoder model complete, can perfect to replace both at home and abroad brand encoders, can according to customer needs to customize the encoder resistance, linear, shaft type, axial length, size, etc. Veteran encoder manufacturers for many years, the factory has advanced production equipment and testing equipment, the production quality, the encoder for years made the world by the quality, is deep the customer word of mouth, welcome friends need to purchase the encoder to the guidance of our company, looking for looking for electronic encoder manufacturers.
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